Best Tools To Kill Bed BugsThere is little chance that you are going to be able to avoid bed bugs or kill them if they infest your home unless you have the right tips and tools that are designed to make the job easier.

Important Tools

Here are the exact tools that I use when I have an infestation.  In some cases I only need one or two but the larger the infestation the more that I use.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a safe powder that you can use around your house without worrying about whether you are going to make you, your family, or your pets ill.

Diatomaceous Earth is an extremely fine powder that you puff around your bed, any entries that you can find that bed bugs may be coming from, and anywhere that you have found a trace of the bugs.

A light puff works better than a pile of the powder because the bugs may walk around it if there is too much but will walk right through it when it is just a light powder puff.

The way that it works is by ripping small holes in the Bed Bugs abdomen as it crawls through the powder.  In short order the bug dries up and dies.

There is also a new powder called CimeXa that you can only purchase online.  Here is the link to this powder.

Mattress Encasement

I am a firm believer in Mattress Encasements or as they are sometimes called, Mattress Enclosures.  These encasements are meant to wrap around your bed and seal it tightly.

One of the big problems with bed bugs is that they are very talented hiders and they like to hide close to their prey.  So one of the places where they like to hide in is your mattresses, box springs, and bed pillows.  They hide in the seams and edges and if there is a small tear they’ll burrow inside and hide there where it is especially hard to treat.

A Mattress Encasement is designed to fit around the mattress (or pillows and box springs) and seal up any infestation that is inside where they can no longer bother you.

This saves you the cost and hassle of getting a new mattress that will probably get infested as soon as you bring it home anyway.

You can sometimes find them in your local stores but the problem is that they are usually in a limited size and you want to make sure that you get the correct size so it fits tightly around your mattress.  You also need to make sure that any Mattress Enclosure that you get is labeled “Bed Bug Proof”.

You can find these enclosures for your pillows, mattress, and box springs on line here.

Bed Risers

Bed Risers are an important tool in getting instant relief from bed bugs.  They are designed to make your bed less accessible to the bugs after you have followed the steps to debug your bed here.

I’ve never seen these in stores but you can buy them online here.  You can also set your beds feet in sturdy glasses.

Another benefit of these Bed Risers is that they can trap the bugs that are trying to crawl up the legs of your bed, letting you see quickly if there are still bugs or you have effectively killed the ones that were infesting your home!


There are pros and cons about using foggers and I will generally avoid them unless I am dealing with a larger infestation.  Even when I use them I only use them in the rooms where I have found an infestation.

Like many chemicals that are commonly used to kill other bugs, foggers are ineffective unless they are specifically designed for killing Bed Bugs.

You can sometimes find foggers at your local home store.  Just make sure that they are designed for bed bugs!  The best place to get the most effective foggers is on-line here.

Contact Sprays

Contact Sprays that kill Bed Bugs are meant to do just that – kill on contact.  I’ve only rarely seen these sprays in stores but you can purchase them on-line here.

Contact spray will only kill the bugs that it contacts when it is sprayed and is not a residual killer like diatomaceous earth.  But it can be a quick way to debug your bed as the first step to getting instant relief from the bugs.


There are also steamers that produce a hot steam spray that is very effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs in many hard to reach places.  Here are some examples of these steamers.


These are the products that I use whenever I have a problem with an infestation.  Many of them are hard to find in local stores so its nice to have a place on-line with everything that you need and with fast shipping to help you get rid of Bed Bugs!  They even have a complete kit that makes ordering easy and fast.  My Favorite On-Line Store Here

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    1. Post author

      Yes, you can kill bedbugs with cold temperatures. Using this tactic usually works better when you are trying to kill the bed bugs in furniture, mattresses, chairs, books, or other smaller items that can be moved easily. The temperature needs to get below 0 for a couple of days and this is why it isn’t very useful for killing the bugs that infest your home. Hope this helps!

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  2. jo Ann Deckard

    We’ve been spraying bed bug spray on our furniture and beds. We are also using rubbing alcohol and baking soda. What else can we use to kill them.

    1. Post author

      The bed bug spray that you buy in the store may not be powerful enough to kill the bugs. Look for diatomaceous earth. It’s a powder that you can put on and around your beds and furniture. It takes a bit of time but the course powder will kill the bugs. On your bed your mattress may be infested so you need to treat it differently. Here is a link for treating a bed:


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