How Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs

How Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs

how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugsYou may want to know how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs.  Here is my experience with this amazing powder.

Diatomaceous earth is a white powder that kills bed bugs.  It takes a little time but it is 100% effective at killing these nasty bugs.

One of the main concerns that I have always had when I had to deal with these bugs was whether or not it was safe to use the normal harsh chemicals that are used to kill them.

So I spent some time learning how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs since it is claimed to be a safer product to use.

I was worried not just about my own health but also that of my roommate and our pets.

I mean, if many of the chemicals used by exterminators and available in stores were strong enough to kill the bugs, and if you had to be out of your home for several hours after the exterminator sprayed these chemicals, then just how safe were these chemicals and did they really disperse enough for it to be safe to be around?

This is when I learned how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs.  I wasn’t quite sure at first but after some research I on this natural product I learned that it not only helps to kill the bugs but is completely safe for humans, plants, and pets.  You can learn more about how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs here.

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This product is made of finely ground shells.   Once ground up the powder it creates nano sized shards of glass with very sharp edges.  This is how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs.

When an arthropod like a bed bug crawls through the powder it makes little tiny cuts all over their exoskeleton which causes all their fluids to leak out and causes them to dry up and die.

While these sharp edges cut open the bugs shell and causes them to dry out and die these shells are ground too fine to bother people or pets.

Now this certainly isn’t the fastest way to kill the bugs, but it is one of the safest for your family and pets so you need to learn how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs.

How Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs

There are a number of different things to learn on how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs and how it can work in your overall plan to get rid of an infestation and get them out of your home.  Here are some answers to how you may be wondering about. 

How Should Diatomaceous Earth Be Applied?

Diatomaceous Earth comes in an easy to apply container with a spout that allows you to puff small amounts of the bed bug killing powder.

You apply this powder by puffing it lightly around the borders of all the areas where you have seen the bugs.  Puff it lightly into electrical boxes (remove the covers first), and into the underside and along the cushions of plush furniture.

Use it around bed frames and legs.  Puff a fine mist of it lightly on the sides if mattresses and box springs. This is how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs.

How effective is it? How long does it take to kill Bed Bugs?

Yes it can be very effective.  They will avoid it if possible, so you may need to re-apply but you should have immediate improvement and over time it can be very effective at dealing with an infestation.

Where should it be put at? Everywhere, or only in specific locations?

Anywhere bedbugs can get to or hide should be treated.  The larger the infestation the more places you should look for the bugs and apply.  This is how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs.

How much should be applied?

These bugs are very small so you don’t have to leave piles of the dust around.  A light squirt so the surface is covered with a fine powder is usually enough.  In plush furniture where it will get puffed out when people sit, apply a little more. This is how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs without making them use other ways to get to you. You want them to walk through the diatomaceous earth powder!

How Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs – Do You Need To Re-Apply Often?

If you apply once in the areas where you want to treat and avoid vacuuming it will last a long time.  Of course if you vacuum it up it will need to be re-applied. 

How Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs Around Your Bed?

Around a bed is an excellent place to treat since most infections of the bugs are going to be around the places that you sleep.

Bed Bugs feed in the early hours of the morning when we are in the deepest sleep so protecting your be is an important task.

You shouldn’t put it on the mattress where you are sleeping but along the sides and on the box spring is fine.

bed in waterThink of your bed as a castle that you are trying to create a moat around to keep the bed bugs away.

It’s likely that if you have an infestation your mattress and box springs have the bugs already on the inside where it is very difficult to treat for them.

But if you use a mattress mattress enclosure to seal up your mattress and box springs they will be trapped where they can’t feed on you and eventually will die.  There are also enclosures for your pillows. Find them here!

Here is how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs around your bed.

Apply a light mist to your bed frame and legs after you have cleaned and treated them.  Puff a little on the wall behind the bed or in larger infestations pull the bed away from the wall.  Make sure that your sheets and blankets don’t hang down to the floor or the bugs will just bypass the spray and crawl up the blankets.

Points to Remember About How Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs!

Remember when we were kids and would build fortresses out of pillows or use the sheets to make a tent on our bed.  This is the place to start here because it is an important step to getting rid of these bugs.

Make your bed your fortress.  Make sure that there is no way that the bugs can get onto your bed without crawling through the diatomaceous earth and you can find immediate relief!

After you have treated your bed frame with the diatomaceous earth and used mattress enclosures to trap any bugs that are inside you should make sure that you wash your sheets and pillows in hot water and dry in hot heat.  This will kill the bugs that might be on your sheets.

Then when you put your bed back together make sure to use bed bug risers or traps to keep them from crawling up the legs of your bed.

Use Bed Bug Traps

Using risers or traps and keep your sheets from touching the floor. Bed Bug Traps can be hard to find but here is a link to finding them.  By using these traps you can also see when and how many of the bugs are trying to get at you during the night.

You always want to limit the ways that the bugs can get onto your bed. Having sheets hanging to the floor will give them multiple ways to get onto your bed. By making sure that your sheets don’t hang over to the floor you are limiting the bugs access.

Putting some on and around the feet of your bed or a small amount in the traps is how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs.

If you have a large infestation you might consider pulling your bed at least a couple feet from the wall until you get the problem under control. Then use more of the powder along the sides of your mattress and box springs. The more of this product that the bugs have to walk through the sooner that they are going to be killed.

Look for the places where the bugs are getting into your home and using a dusting is how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs and makes it harder for them to get into your home. Spray some of the powder in the places where there are holes around the pipes and electrical outlets.

More isn’t better in this case. Using a small powdering of the powder is how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs and diverts them away from you and your family.

Conclusion On How Diatomaceous Earth Kills Bed Bugs

Learning how diatomaceous earth kills bed bugs is an important step to get rid of the bugs and keep them away. This is a great product to use since it is safe for your family and pets!

But it is only one part of what should be a complete plan to get rid of the infestation.  Making your be into a bed bug proof haven will keep the bugs away and give you instant relief from the nightly feedings.

Bed Bugs can go for long periods of time without feeding so you must keep up your efforts to get rid of bed bugs or they will soon come back again.

If you can find where the bugs are coming from you can also treat for bed bugs with this powder.