Bed Bug Treatment Disasters

By | January 25, 2014

A Vermont couple that are well known for their foster care recently had a disastrous infestation.  This shows the importance of making sure that you treat any infestation correctly.

Even though it would seem logical that exterminators would know what they are doing this article shows just how wrong that logic can be when treating bed bugs.  Many exterminators just don’t know how to treat for the bugs and try to use treatments that they would normally use.

Worse, using the wrong chemicals and techniques can cause problems.  This Vermont couple have been driven from their home and had to resort to lawsuits to try and have their home treated correctly.

In another case a small business owner treated her beauty shop by setting off more than 30 bed bug bombs.  The resulting explosion destroyed her business.

Avoiding Bed Bug Treatment Disasters

To avoid disasters like these you need to be careful.  Always read the instructions on any treatment products that you use and make sure to follow those instructions.

If you are hiring an exterminator to do the work make sure that they have the experience and training to take care of the bugs.  Too many exterminators are still not trained in the correct procedures and chemicals that they need to use.  Read more on choosing the best exterminator here.

Even if you hire an exterminator it’s important to do your part to make sure the treatments are successful.

If you want to see the exact steps that will help you get rid of the bugs you can get my book here.

Read more about what happened to this poor couple here.

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