Worst Cities For Bed Bugs

By | February 14, 2015

Every year Orkin Pest Control gets some free press when it announces it’s list of the worst cities for bed bugs and they just released this years list.

Even though some cities are more prone than others to get BedBugs that fact will make little difference if you are the one that is trying to deal with them crawling and feeding on you in the middle of the night.

It’s also unlikely that you will avoid these top cities just because they have more infestations than other places.

Still it’s interesting to see the worst cities for Bed Bugs if for no other reason than to see how those cities are dealing with this issue since one question that I get asked more than anything else is how responsible is a landlord if there is an infestation and how much do they have to do to get rid of it?

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How Were the Worst Cities For Bed Bugs Ranked
Why Are Bed Bugs Such A Problem
How To Avoid Bed Bugs
What To Do If You Get Infested By Bed Bugs
Conclusion to Worst Cities For Bed Bugs

How Were the Worst Cities For Bed Bugs Ranked

This list of Orkins worst Cities for Bed Bugs was based on the number of treatment calls that were received between January and December of 2014.

Remember though that this list is for just Orkins calls alone and for the total number of treatment calls rather than a percentage of calls per population.  This makes the list biased towards larger areas.

So What Were the Worst Cities For Bed Bugs In America

For the third year in a row Chicago headed up the list with the most treatment calls.  There were also three cities in Ohio that are in the top ten.

Here is a list of the top ten cities for worst cities for bed bugs.

  1. Chicago IL
  2. Detroit MI
  3. Columbus OH
  4. Los Angeles CA
  5. Cleveland/Akron/Canton OH
  6. Dallas/Fort Worth TX
  7. Cincinnati OH
  8. Denver CO
  9. Richmond/Petersburg VA
  10. Dayton OH

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Why Are Bed Bugs Such A Problem

Bed bugs are a very serious issue in many homes across the country and they can be very difficult to control once an infestation starts.

Even though the cities above are at the top of the list for service calls it doesn’t mean that your city, if it isn’t on this top ten list, is safe.

Almost every city in America has some level of problems with Bed Bugs because they are such great hitch hikers that can travel from city to city with ease.

This coupled with the fact that they are so difficult to control makes this a major problem for a lot of people.

Where these nasty bugs travel is based more on convenience than your income or the cleanliness of your home.  They are just looking for their next blood meal when they search the area around them to feed.

Places where there are people living close together like apartments, dorms and condos are a favorite because the bugs can move from quickly floor to floor as their numbers multiply, avoiding treatment attempts and causing problems for new victims.

They also love places like motels and hotels where people stay for a night or two and then move on, often taking bed bugs in their bags or even on their clothing.

There have even been instances where libraries and warehouses have become infested and the bugs got into homes from books and packages.

How To Avoid Bed Bugs

There are some steps that you can take to avoid getting bed bugs in the first place, and these are a whole lot easier than trying to get rid of them after you already have them.

When You Travel

You should always be careful when you travel to check your rooms for bed bugs and if you find anything ask for another room.  I also carefully inspect my luggage before I bring it into my home, looking for signs of the bugs.

If I don’t have time I’ll wrap and seal the bags in a black trash bag that I leave in my car for a few days to kill any bugs and immediately wash all the clothes that I took with me.

When Buying Furniture

I avoid buying any used furniture.  Anything that is left out for trash pick-up could be left out because it was infected so use caution.

If Someone Nearby Has An Infestation

Every once in a while you’ll move into a building and then hear that there are bed bugs in it.  So what are you going to do?  The answer is that you get pro-active.

I’d get some diatomaceous earth and put it around my bed and any other places where bed bugs might get into my home.

Protect your bed!  Most bed bug infestations start around beds because that is where people sleep.  The bed bugs wait until we are in our deepest sleep – usually just before dawn – then crawl out of their hiding places and feed on us.

They wait till we aren’t moving and deep asleep so that they can feed without being bothered.  If you protect your bed this keeps them from getting to you.

What To Do If You Get Infested By Bed Bugs

But what happens if even though you were careful to avoid getting bed bugs, you still get infested?

Lucky for you is that throughout this web-site are suggestions and ideas for what you can do if you are infested by Bed Bugs.

You’ll get ideas on products that you can use and what tactics you should take to get rid of the bugs.

If you want to hire a professional there are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that you get your biggest bang for your buck and get all the steps that you should take when hiring a bed bug professional.

If you choose to take on the job yourself you’ll find out everything that you need among these pages.

Conclusion to Worst Cities For Bed Bugs

The truth is that it just doesn’t matter much whether your city is on the list of the worst cities for bed bugs because you can get the bugs anyway.

Even though there might be a slightly larger chance in the worst cities for a bed bug infestation, it’s going to depend a lot more on what type of housing you live in and how careful you are to avoid Bed Bugs.




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