Why Controlling Bed Bugs in Denver So Difficult?

By | April 24, 2016

Controlling Bed BugsI lived with my partner in a 12 story building in downtown Denver for nearly nine years.  We quickly learned why controlling bed bugs in Denver is so difficult.  

Up till that time I thought of bed bugs – if I thought of them at all – as something in a nursery rhyme.  I’d never run into them before and hope to keep them out of my life now.

Everything went well for the first few years after we moved into the building but then the management started arranging for an exterminator to spray the apartments every few months.  What they were spraying for was sort of vague but they were insistent that the sprayings were important.

We found out later that the reason they started exterminating was that they were trying to control bed bugs that had infested the building.

What followed was several frustrating years as they worked with bed bug pest control companies to kill the bugs and keep them out of our apartments.

The thing about controlling bed bugs at home is that they can make your life miserable.  And a small infestation quickly will grow as large as their food source – which is you and your family.  So the sooner you get rid of them the less stressful your life is going to be!

Problems With Controlling Bed Bugs In Denver

Trying to get rid of bed bugs can be a real problem since most normal spray products that are used by pest control professionals to kill other infestations are not really very effective for bed bugs. These products are even less effective on their eggs which causes another problem.

That problem is that even if you have your apartment thoroughly treated and every bug of the infestation is killed, if there is even just one egg that survives it can later hatch and start the cycle all over again – restarting the infestation.  Read this information from Penn State University before you even think about controlling bed bugs yourself.

The main reason that so few people were familiar with bed bugs is that at one point in the not so distant past the bed bug was all but wiped out in most of the industrialized countries of the world through the use of DDT.

But with that spray banned for health reasons, the bugs have started to make a huge come back and infested apartments have become much more common.  They also show up in motels. hotels, and dorm rooms.

One reason that these bugs are so hard to treat for is that they are very skilled at finding hiding places where sprays and dusts cannot get into to kill them.  Here is also an explanation from Science Daily about how they have become resistant to the sprays used today.

Although they can’t fly, each night they are able to travel up to twenty feet to reach you for feeding and then crawl back before the sun comes up. They usually feed at night when you are asleep and they can bite you to get your blood and scurry away before you wake.

The real problem is that as we become more urban and live in apartments, condos, and dorms where people live close together it makes it easier for the bed bug to find new hosts to feed upon.

Getting Bed Bugs When Traveling

Controlling Bed BugsWhen we travel we can also inadvertently bring these pests home with us in our suitcases. They can even arrive in boxes shipped from warehouses that have been infested.  Read all of our posts at bedbugdenver to learn more about 7 tips for avoiding bed bugs when traveling.

Recently, even our local library had to be fumigated and scores of books destroyed because they had been infested. If you have an infestation it’s also possible that your own books might have become infested. Here is how to kill a bed bug infestation in your books.

How Bed Bugs Are Spread

With so many people living close together controlling bed bugs is difficult.  These bugs are having a field day and spreading across the country.

In a typical building with multiple units and people moving in and out, the management can just get the problem under control when someone new moves in bringing the bed bugs with them and the whole problem starts again.

In low income building the problem is magnified because many times people move into new apartments to try and get rid of the bugs in their old homes. Plus, this type of community is also more likely to have used furniture that has been bought or traded around which can also be carrying bed bugs.

Bed Bugs and Neighbors

This is another problem area that causes a lot of problems with killing bed bugs.

This problem is that the larger the building you live in is the more likely it is that there will be one or more residents that won’t allow pest control into their home.

Your neighbors might do this for any number of reasons including a real medical based fear of the sprays and powders that are used in treatments, a desire to be left alone, or even some type of mental issue that makes them want to be isolated and left alone. Here is some info on bed bugs and neighbors that I hope helps.

When you have neighbors like this, no matter how well treated the rest of the building is, as soon as the treatments wear off the bed bugs will start re-infesting a building from these bug havens.

There is also the problem where even when the bedbugs are brought under control, the first thing that someone who finds that their home is infested usually does is drag their infested mattresses or furniture through the hallways to get rid of them which can scatter the bugs in the common areas and hallways, making it easy for the bugs to find new blood hosts.

Sometimes this trashed furniture is left outside but often in trash areas located in the building making it easy for the bugs to infest other apartments.

Then you have the people who haul discarded furniture and other stuff that they have found into the building – potentially bringing infested furniture into the building.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

bed bug expertI hope that you are getting an idea of how difficult it can be controlling bedbugs in Denver from these examples.

Once your building gets an infestation – no matter where it is in your building and no matter what anyone else is doing – you need to take steps that will protect you and your family from an infestation.  You always have to remember how fast an infestation can spread.

These steps include identifying the type of pest you are dealing with, creating a bed bug free zone in your apartment, treating and the most importantly – retreating to kill any bugs that hatch from eggs after the initial treatment.

The First Step – identifying the bug is really the most important.  Bed bugs require a different treatment and approach than treating other bugs so you need to make sure what it is that is bothering you.

The Second Step – Creating a bed bug free zone will help you to create a area where you can sleep without the nightly feeding – giving you a breather while you get ready to treat the bugs.

The Third Step – Treating methods will vary with how large an infestation you have and whether you are trying to keep the bugs out of your home or treating for an infestation that is already there.

One thing that I can’t stress enough is that bed bugs aren’t attracted to a dirty home and you shouldn’t feel like having bed bugs is a sign that you are living in a filthy home.  These bugs are an equal opportunity infester and will infest even the cleanest homes.  But that being said – the more clutter that you have in your home the more places the bugs have to hide and that does make treatment more complicated.

The Fourth Step – Retreating may be the most important single idea that you should take away from this article.  Even the most rigorous and thorough treatments are going to have problems killing all the eggs and if you don’t retreat these eggs are going to hatch and become a new infestation.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that any exterminator that doesn’t plan on retreating and guarantees they can kill all the bugs in your home in one treatment is not very experienced at the best or just taking your money at the worst.

Retreatment is the key that will do more than just control bed bugs – it will kill them and get rid of bed bugs in your home so don’t get complacent and think that just because you’ve killed what you can see you are safe.

So, the sooner that you take steps above, whether you see any bugs or not, the faster you can make sure to get rid of them.

And it also doesn’t matter whether the building is supplying an exterminator, the more things that you do to prevent or deal with an infestation the better an exterminators efforts will be at killing bed bugs.

It is possible to treat for the bugs yourself but you need the right materials and knowledge.  This site has lots of different ideas and methods that you can use to help yourself or get the best bang for your buck if you decide to use an exterminator.

Conclusion to Controlling Bed Bugs In Denver

No one wants to have an infestation of these bugs in their home but some people are more sensitive to them than others.

Even in the same home you might not really notice the bugs biting you while your spouse might get itchy red welts from an infestation.  More On Dealing With Bed Bug Bites Here

Controlling bed bugs – whether you live in Denver or somewhere else isn’t going to be easy.  If there is anything that I have learned though it is that it can be done and you can live without the nightly stress of having these bugs feeding on you or your family.

You just need to take the right steps and use the right products.  You can do it yourself or you can hire an exterminator.  You can rely on your building management to take care of the problem or you can take care of it on your own.  Read An Article On Who Is Responsible Here

Part of the problem with relying on others like your building management is that their goal may be different from yours.  You may want to have the pests eradicated while building management may look at the cost of doing that and be satisfied with just controlling the problem so it doesn’t get bigger.

No matter what happen though, taking certain steps on your own will make any efforts more successful.  As you read through this blog you will find a lot of suggestions that will help you with almost any problem that you are having.

You can also purchase my e-book on the right with a step by step plan to getting rid of these bugs.  In it you get links to the specific steps and products that I have used to keep our home bed bug free.

Some of these products you can find in local stores but I have always liked to use an on-line source that specializes in these products.  Plus I hate going through a check out in a store with a product to kill bed bugs and getting that knowing look from the clerk or others in the same line.  It always makes me feel a bit like a leper.

So I hope that my site – Bed Bug Denver – helps you to learn how you can control bed bugs and get them out of your home.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them below or go to my facebook page to ask your questions so I can share the answers with other readers.

Together we can learn tips and ideas for controlling bed bugs and keep them from making your life miserable.