Why Bed Bug Denver?

By | December 4, 2010

 Having experienced bedbugs and found ways to get rid of them I created Bed Bug Denver to share this information with you. Those nasty little bloodsuckers will make your life miserable given half a chance so read my story and you can find out how to get rid of them.  Here is a link to some information provided by the State of Colorado.

Disclosure Note: Just so you know or are wondering, I am not a professional exterminator. Bed Bug Denver is based on my experiences, but I probably have more knowledge than a lot of other people and I want to tell you how we got rid of bed bugs that infested our apartment. I will give you ideas on what to look at when choosing an extermination company and even a few good companies that I have run across from time to time.

You probably are starting just as I did, finding itchy red spots or blood smears on your sheets. You may have heard about an infestation of bed bug denver in your building so you do what I did, go online to find more information. 

By the way here is a link to a page about tips for treating bed bug bites to make them a little more bearable.

One of the first steps in treating for bed bugs is to find out if it is actually these bugs that are bothering you.  Since they are so hard to find it will take a little detective work to find them.

Here is a link to another page where do bed bugs hide?

I also wanted to use Bed Bug Denver to get rid of some common misconceptions:

  • Finding that you have bed bugs does not mean that you or your home are dirty. These bugs don’t care about how clean or dirty you are, they just want to blood feed on you. More Facts About Bed Bugs Here
  • Another major misconception is that the bugs are easy to kill. All you have to do is let the landlord know and with one spraying they will be gone. WRONG!! These bugs are nasty conniving and very resistant to the normal pesticides that you can get or that an exterminator can get. To get rid of them and keep bed bugs out of your home you will need to do some work. 
  • Although a landlord can make the problem worse by ignoring it, they can also do everything in their power and a building can still have bedbugs. Who Is responsible for keeping bed bugs away.

Here is the Truth

I’ve found through Denver Bed Bug that these bugs are an excellent hitchhikers. They can come into your home on your clothes, through holes for a buildings pipes, and HVAC systems. They can come in the mail from shipments that are sent from infested warehouses. They can get into your home in used furniture or find their way there from a neighbors. Where do bed bugs come from?

Another problem is that many exterminators don’t know how to kill bed bugs.  They rely on the methods and products that they use for other bugs and those just won’t work.  If you decide to hire an exterminator or the building that you live in hires one they need to be trained for dealing with these bugs.

How To Find Find A Local Bed Bug Exterminator

You can also make an extermination a lot more effective if you use the methods that are outline here in bed bug denver.  You want to make your home as bedbug unfriendly as possible.

Getting Ready For a Bed Bug Exterminator

 You can hire an exterminator or do it yourself or some combination of these two options.  Living in an apartment building we always had problems because certain neighbors wouldn’t allow the exterminators in so they became ground zero for new infestations throughout the building.

Bed Bugs and Neighbors Infestations

Making bed bug denver taught me a lot about how to kill bed bugs.  It answered the question about how do bed bugs get into your house and many others.

So, Here is My Story

I live with my partner in a building located in the downtown area of Denver. The building is a low income disabled building that my partner first moved into after receiving disability. I moved in some time later to help him manage his disability and because we are very close.

We are probably luckier than a lot of other folks because the managers here try to maintain a nice building and are right on it as soon as there is a call about an infestation in someones home.  If your building manager isn’t helpful here are some contact numbers that you need and what your rights are at this City of Denver resource.  

Like a lot of people I’d never seen an actual bed bug before moving into this building. When I first moved in I was amazed to see all my partners furniture, his mattress and other belongings piled into the very center of the rooms.

When I asked him why he had done this he grabbed a notice he had found taped to his front door that was from the management. It recommended that when an apartment was scheduled to be sprayed the resident should pull furniture and such a few inches from the walls so the exterminator would be able to spray there. His apartment was scheduled to be sprayed the next day so he had everything pulled everything that he had to the center of the rooms.

I had managed apartments so had dealt with exterminating cockroaches but had never run into bedbugs before. But I suspected what was meant was a few inches but he still insisted everything had to be pulled to the rooms center.

Then I found out the reason that he was overreacting was because the apartment was infested and he showed me the bed bug bites he had gotten to prove it. The bites never bothered me as much as him but the thought of these blood feeders crawling over me in the early morning freaked me out so I decided that I needed to create Bed Bug Denver to make more information on how to get rid of bedbugs available.

It took us on a steep learning curve and creating Bed Bug Denver to educate ourselves on the proper products and procedures that we would need to use. We threw away several infested mattresses and chairs along the way, but eventually we started to learn how to take care of them.

Learn How to Kill Bed Bugs in Your Mattress Here


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