Where Do BedBugs Come From

By | January 31, 2013

Where Do BedBugs Come From

To answer the question where do bedbugs come from you need to understand that these bugs, even though they are very small can travel a good distance on their own and even further when they are hitchhiking in boxes, luggage or furniture.

Say that someone in your area has bed bugs and they are infesting their sofa.  That person might decide to take their sofa out to the trash but to avoid charges or the possibility of the bugs coming back inside their home they take the sofa several miles away and leave it by a dumpster.

If someone takes that sofa inside, bam, they have bedbugs.  Or if you travel and stay in a hotel that has an infestation the bugs can get into your suitcase and travel thousands of miles home with you.

If you move and rent a van or use a mover, someone before you had the bugs some of them might have fallen out of furniture or boxes in the van and decide to crawl into your nice stuff.

Bugs can even crawl along pipes and electrical wires between units in the same building looking for new hosts.  One of the problems that we always had was we would get rid of the bugs in our unit, then the exterminator would spray units some where around us and the bugs would start to show up in our unit again.  So we would have to start again.

So there is no single answer on where do bedbugs come from currently.

But by being careful you can lessen the chances of a bedbug infestation.  Make sure that when you travel you check for signs of an infestation at the places you stay and request another room or go somewhere else if there are signs of a problem.  Keep suitcases off the floor and hang you clothes, don’t use the dressers.

The Solution On Where Do BedBugs Come From

Never pick up used furniture from around dumpsters or trash areas.  If you must buy used furniture make sure that you check carefully for any signs of the bugs.  Even better, spray and treat anything that you bring into your home.  Finally, use the preventative measures described in these pages to make sure that you deter any bugs from coming into your home.

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