Using Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Bed Bugs

By | February 23, 2013

Recently I read an interesting comment on another website that describes how a reader was dealing with bed bugs.   Here are some highlights of the article.  It is about using diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs.

“Purchase some ‘Fossil Shell flour’ (DE) (Also called bed bug dust) which contains Diatomaceous Earth (make sure it’s food grade, the swimming pool stuff is very dangerous to humans) it cuts the bugs as they crawl through it, dehydrate and die within hours (similar to ant sand)… Place a thin layer of the flour where ever you suspect there may be bugs (rub gently to get some of it deeper into carpet), leave in place for a few months at least.

“In order to reduce the work load dramatically, invest in a mattress cover for beds (vacuum mattress thoroughly before covering) there are some specially designed to trap the bugs on/in mattress.”

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Encasements and Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is one of the best natural products that you can find that is safe to use and really effective at killing bedbugs.  You can use it to kill the bugs even though it does take a little while.  Using it in and around your bed or other areas where you have located bed bugs will kill them over time.

As they try to get to you the Diatomaceous Earth will tear open the bugs causing them to dry out and die.  I’ve used the dust to treat around beds or other places.  It’s safe for people and pets.  I’ve put it on the bedframes and sprinkled it around the legs of the bed and along the edges of walls or anywhere else that I think the bugs may be entering my apartment from.

I also agree with the tip about the mattress covers.  You need to get the ones that fit completely around the mattress and zip tightly shut.  Check the package and make sure that the product you are buying is Bed Bug Proof.  These cost a little more than other covers but are specifically designed to enclose the bugs that are already in your mattress and keep others from finding a haven there.  Make sure and get a cover for both your mattress and boxsprings.

Bottom line is the fact that the largest infestations will be located nearest to the places that you and your family sleep.  It is also almost impossible to treat a mattress or box spring.  Sprays and heat treatments just can’t get into the insides of these larger objects.

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