Using Diatomaceous Earth To Get Rid of BedBugs

By | October 4, 2013

Using diatomaceous earth to get rid of bedbugs is a safe way to approach the problem of an infestation. Many people, including myself, are more than a little leery of using harsh chemicals to kill bed bugs.

I am allergic to a lot of things and every time that I had an exterminator treat my home I was congested for a couple weeks afterwards.  I also have three cats and had to take them out for several hours during an extermination as well as cover my fish tanks.

The first thing that the cats did when we brought them back into the house was sniff around.  This made me more than a little hesitant to use an exterminator and since I couldn’t find one at the time that offered a more environmentally and natural way to kill bed bugs I went looking for a solution myself.

Using Diatomaceous Earth To Get Rid of BedBugs

What I found was that there were a number of different ways to get rid of bed bugs naturally.  These included heat, cold, natural oils, different plants, and diatomaceous earth.  Read more about these products here.

Diatomaceous earth became my go to product whenever I had an infestation.  It is a safe product to use around pets and people and effective at killing bed bugs.

It is made of ground shells and works by scrapping the abdomen’s of the bugs when they crawl over it.  This rips small opening which dry the bug out and kills it.

Now it takes a little time to work and diatomaceous earth works best as part of a larger plan but it does work.

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth

You start by cleaning the areas where you think that there are bugs or eggs.  You need to identify where the bedbugs are coming from and put the powder between areas where you sleep and them.

Along with other steps outlined here you can sprinkle this safe product around all access points to your bed for immediate relief from the nightly bites.  One important way to make your bed a bedbug free zone is using a mattress encasement.  Read more about that here.

If you think that the bugs are coming from an adjoining home, try to identify where they are getting into your home and sprinkle this powder liberally there as well.

What you will notice is that over time you find fewer and fewer bugs.  You can sometimes find diatomaceous earth in your local hardware store but I’ve found the quickest and easiest way to get everything that I need is to go on-line.

Find Diatomaceous Earth Here!

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