Using Bed Bug Mattress Enclosures

By | February 19, 2013
using bed bug mattress enclosures

Using Bed Bug Mattress Enclosures

Using Bed Bug Mattress Enclosures

If you’ve read many of my posts you have probably come across one where I encourage anyone who has a problem with bedbugs to use a bed bug mattress enclosure.

An enclosure, is a cover that wraps completely around your mattress or box springs on all four sides, usually closing with a zipper, that traps bed bugs that are in your mattress inside and keeps new ones from getting into your mattress.

Over time, being trapped away from their food source, this bed bug mattress enclosure will kill the bed bugs and any eggs that hatch.

The reason that this is so important is that a mattress is a pretty dense material, usually several inched thick that is a perfect hideout for the bugs.  It is hard to use heat or cold to kill the bugs once they are inside because it takes so long to heat/cool a mattress.

Sprays may kill anything on the surface but can’t reach inside.  So a mattress or box springs that isn’t covered can become a haven for the bugs.  Because you sleep on the bed this makes it very easy for them to feed on you each night.

Take my advice and make sure that you use both a mattress enclosure and bed bug bed risers.  After you have treated your bed frame, the enclosure and risers will make it impossible for the bugs to get to you, giving you instant relief.

Bed bug mattress enclosures are also sometime called bed bug mattress encasements.  Both are the same thing.  Just make sure that you purchase on that is correctly sized for your bed and says “bed bug proof” on the package.

THere are also bed bug pillow encasements that you can purchase.

Although you can sometimes get these at your local stores my experience is that it is usually pretty hit or miss as far as both the availability and finding the right sizes.

My favorite place to get these enclosures is SafeRest Mattress Encasements at Bed Bug Supply.  This online resource has not just the bed bug mattress encasements that you need in every size possible, but also the bed bug bed risers, diatomaceous earth, and other treatment tools that you can use.

Bed Bug Mattress Enclosures