This Blog Will Teach You How To Kill BedBugs

By | March 17, 2016
How To Kill BedBugs

How To Kill BedBugs

If you’ve come to this site it’s likely to be for one of two reasons.  Either you or someone you know has been infested and you want to know how to kill bedbugs. Well you’ve come to the right place!

I Can Help You Learn How To Kill BedBugs

In this site is everything that I have learned through research and personal experience with learning how to kill bedbugs.  It’s all here for the taking!

You see, I used to live in a building where these nasty bugs would just keep coming back again and again.  We’d get rid of the bugs in our apartment and someone else would get infested or the building would treat a floor above or below us forcing the bugs to move and we’d be infested again.

The building management would treat two floors a month plus any apartment that reported an infestation.  This treatment tactic used by this building to try and control the bed bugs rather than kill them is fairly common in rental properties.

It’s because it costs a lot to totally exterminate these stubborn bugs in every unit so most properties will be satisfied with controlling the infestation and keeping it at an acceptable level.

For them this makes a lot of sense.  Because all it takes, even if they should spend the money and exterminate all the bugs, is one person who refuses to have their apartment treated or someone bringing them in from another infested building or in used furniture and the building is right back to where it started.

But there were always people that were reluctant to have their apartment treated either because they didn’t want chemicals sprayed in their homes (makes sense to me) or just because they didn’t want to have anyone come into their apartment.

This left pockets of infestations from which the bugs would emerge again as the treatments used by the exterminators faded.

Also, by treating just two floors at a time the bugs would just travel down pipes and wires to another floor that wasn’t being treated.

Each Time We’d Kill Them Again

So our we would get all the bugs killed in our apartment and then we’d start to see them again.  But we were much better of than our neighbors who had no idea how to treat their own apartments.

That’s because over time I learned how to kill bed bugs, how to get instant relief every time a new infestation started, how to deal with the neighbors who wouldn’t accept treatment, how to work with the exterminator, and what a landlord is required to do.

But most of all, because I’m allergic to a lot of things, I learned how to treat our apartment myself using Natural Products that was safe for our family and pets.

In this blog I am sharing with you everything that I know about how to treat your mattress rather than toss it, how to get bed bugs out of books, and how to use heat and cold to kill the bugs.  I’ll even give you the best tips on avoiding bed bugs when you travel.

Plus I’ll tell you which products that I have used to kill bedbugs and where you can get those products for yourself.

I explain how to find an exterminator and how to get the most out of them.  Or if you want to save the cost my book can give you the exact steps that I have successfully used time and again to get rid of bed bugs.

Get The Exact Steps

In my downloadable book at the right and here in my blog I teach you the exact steps that I have used multiple times in different buildings to make sure that our home was kept bug free.

Just hover your mouse over the menu links above and you’ll see page after page of tactics and ideas that you can use.

Now, I’m not saying that getting rid of these wily little bus is easy.  You have to create a plan for your own home based upon how large an infestation you have and what you are willing and able to do to get rid of them.

But, if you are willing, I can help you find everything that you need and create the plan that will help you get rid of these bugs.

Follow These Important Steps To Kill Bed Bugs

These are the basic steps that you have to take to kill the bed bugs that are eating you and your family alive.

Step One – Make sure and identify the bugs that are bothering you.  Go to my page of Bed Bug Pictures to help you do this.  This step is an important one because the treatment for bed bugs is different than the treatments for other bugs.

During this step you’ll also identify the size of the infestation and areas that need treating.  Unless it’s a very large infestation you’ll probably be treating mainly around your bed or other areas where you sleep.

Step Two – Once you’ve identified the bugs that are bothering you it’s time to plan and prepare your home for treatment.  I always start with the bed.  Here is a way that you can get immediate relief by treating your bed first.  It involves getting a SafeRest Mattress Encasements to trap any bugs on your mattress and box springs first.

Then you treat and clean your bed frame, wash your bedding, protect your bed from more bed bugs using bed risers, and treat the are on and around your bed.

This step is important and will give you immediate relief from any infestation that is in your home.

Step Three – Now treat all the areas in your home where you have found an infestation.  This will mainly be any area where you and your family sleep but should also include the areas where you think the bugs might be coming into your home including electrical plugs and around pipes.

Step Four – This may actually be the most important step that you take and the key to successfully getting rid of bed bugs.

You should retreat after 2 weeks or when you see the bugs again.  It is extremely important to monitor the areas where you have treated for new bed bugs.

This is important because bedbug eggs are really hard to kill and even if you are successful in killing all the live bugs your efforts will be for nothing when the eggs hatch.

Bed Bug eggs usually take about 2 weeks to hatch and during this time any treatment that you used will have faded creating a situation perfect for another infestation to start.

The only way to win is to retreat as needed until all the eggs have hatched and the bugs are killed.

Should You Use An Exterminator?

I get asked this question a lot and the answer is – it depends.  Exterminators can be very expensive and if you have to pay for one you may be tempted to get rid of the bed  bugs yourself.

You might also be concerned about the chemicals that an exterminator will use or about having a stranger in your home even if the building that you live in provides the exterminator.

The way that I usually answer this depends upon the size of the infestation.  The larger it is the more helpful having an exterminator  treat your home.  They are going to have access to stronger chemicals than you are going to be able to get.

But if it is a smaller infestation that you catch early on or if you can’t afford an exterminator you can treat an infestation yourself.

Plus there is the fact that even if you use an exterminator any treatment will have a much better chance of being successful if you prepare your home.

Other Thoughts

I usually treat infestations myself because I am allergic to many things and the harsh chemicals used by an exterminator can be pretty bad for me.  Plus we have 3 cats and keeping them away from the chemicals is also a problems.

So I use natural products and methods that seem to work pretty good.  I’ve been able to successfully keep the bugs out of our home and away even after repeated infestations that came from other units in our building.

The first thing that I did when we moved into a new apartment was treat to make sure that there weren’t any bugs still there from previous residents.


Getting rid of bed bugs is a process and there is no magic bullet.  But if you are diligent and keep your eyes open for infestations you can catch a new infestation early while it is still easy to get rid of the bugs.

You can use the ideas here in my web page or purchase my book on the left that has a complete list of the products and steps that you need to take to kill bed bugs whether you choose to do the exterminating yourself or to use an exterminator.

If you have any questions click the “like” button for FaceBook at the bottom of this article and ask your questions there where others can see and share.

Thanks for coming to my site. Together we can get rid of your Bed Bugs!

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