Preparing For The Bed Bug Exterminator

By | February 16, 2013

Preparing For The Bed Bug Exterminator

Properly preparing for the bed bug exterminator is crucial if you choose to use a professional.

Many people think that if they call the exterminator all will be taken care of and they won’t have to do anything else and this is a mistake.  Bedbugs are wily creatures that will hide away and return after an extermination if you aren’t careful.  Preparing for the bed bug exterminator will help to make sure that their efforts are best used.

Cleaning Up Your Home

Although trash and clutter do not draw bedbugs it does give them a handy place to hide.  The bugs like to crawl along the edges of carpets and behind furniture so you need to pull things away from the wall far enough for the exterminator to spray behind them.

Large things like mattresses and sofas are safe havens that are hard to treat because they are so dense.  Using things like mattress enclosures will ensure that any bugs that are inside your mattress are trapped and new ones won’t have a place to hide.  Find out about how to make your bed bed bug proof here.

Using things like dichotomous earth or other natural killers will make sure that any new bugs that come in after treatment will be killed. Find out more about natural killers here.

The most important thing to remember is that rarely will one treatment work.  The reason is that the eggs are not affected by most treatment methods.  Those eggs will then hatch in about ten days and cause a new re-infestation.  Always make sure that any treatment plan includes a re-treatment plan about ten days after the first treatment.

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