Powder That Kills Bed Bugs

By | January 6, 2015

powder that kills bed bugsPowder That Kills Bed Bugs

You might have heard about a magical powder that kills bed bugs and is safe for you and your family.  Many people, myself included, are concerned about the harsh, toxic chemicals that are generally used to kill bed bugs.

I am concerned because when you have an exterminator spray or use them yourself you always need to leave your home for several hours.

To prepare for a treatment you need to remove your pets, cover your plants and protect fish tanks.  All of this screams dangerous, toxic chemicals!

Then when you return you have to clean up any residue and wash any plates and food utensils that weren’t covered.

In a situation where there is a large infestation that needs drastic action taken to kill it then I guess you might not have any other options.

The Powder That Kills Bed Bugs

But there is a powder that you can use, no matter what the size of infestation.  It’s called diatomaceous earth and is made of finely ground shells that is safe to use around your pets and family yet still effective at killing bed bugs.

The way that it works is pretty easy.  Though the shell are finely ground, they still have microscopic sharp edges.  As Bed Bugs crawl over the powder these edges will rip open their abdomens and this causes the bugs to die by drying them out.

A Powder That Kills Bed Bugs

My experience has been very good with this powder.  It is not only safe but an effective way, when used correctly, to kill these nasty blood sucking bugs.

When I have to deal with an infestation I spread a little of this powder around and it works, every time.

It takes a little longer to kill than a contact spray but in the end the bugs die.  I always use it around my bed and on my bed frame and then puff a little around doors or anywhere that I think the bugs are coming from when they are getting into my apartment.

I have recommended this powder to family and friends and they all are amazed at this powder that kills bed bugs. One of the great uses that I found for diatomaceous earth is for treating your books that bed bugs have hidden in. Another way is to use this powder to protect your bed and get instant relief from the bugs.

Where to Find This Powder That Kills Bed Bugs

I have found this powder occasionally at local hardware stores.  But you need to get it in food grade and these stores don’t always carry it.  Here is where I get Bed Bug Powder, Sprays and everything else that you might need to kill bed bugs.

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