Symptoms That Show You Have A Bed Bug Infestation

Symptoms That Show You Have a Bed Bug Infestation If you have never encountered them before you may wonder whether or not you have bedbugs.  There are several ways that you can tell though. Because treating them can be so expensive it is important that you identify whether or not you have an infestation.  There… Read More »

BedBugs and Neighbors

One of the biggest blocks to effective bed bug treatment is your neighbors.  Those few people that won’t co-operate with exterminators and prepare their homes for treatment, or in some cases won’t even let them in their home. These neighbors will do it for any of several different reasons.  They might have medical issues, small… Read More »

Are BedBugs a Health Issue

One thing that you hear a lot about on the subject of these bedbug infestations is whether they are a health risk or not. Many cities and their health departments still consider the bugs as a nuisance rather than a health risk.  This is based on the opinion of many scientists that have found that… Read More »