Spring Break and Bed Bugs

This is the time of the year when millions of Americans, tired of the cold weather, start thinking about Spring Break travel plans to places sunnier and warmer.  But Spring Break and Bed Bugs aren’t two things that you want to see together. Few are thinking about Spring Break and Bed Bugs at the same time,… Read More »

Natural Treatments For Bed Bugs : Do They Work?

Natural Treatments for Bed Bugs More and more people are searching for natural treatments for bed bugs as they become a larger and larger problem for increasing numbers of people across the country. It’s also no surprise that natural treatments for bed bugs is something that a lot of people are interested in because of… Read More »

Bed Bug Infestations In Libraries

Now there is a new way that bedbugs are getting into our homes, through bed bug infestations in libraries.  In a recent article the Associated Press reports that bed bugs were found in the childrens reading room at the Kalamazoo Public Library’s Central Library. This was after an inspection was ordered because of the bugs being… Read More »

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Bed Bugs

Below is a comment that was left by a caring visitor dealing with bedbugs and explains how to deal with an infestation. It deserved a page of its own and contains great information that you’ll find helpful! However, you should first read my page about using an all natural […]

Using Bed Bug Mattress Enclosures

Using Bed Bug Mattress Enclosures If you’ve read many of my posts you have probably come across one where I encourage anyone who has a problem with bedbugs to use a bed bug mattress enclosure. An enclosure, is a cover that wraps completely around your mattress or box springs on all four sides, usually closing… Read More »