Natural Treatments To Kill Bed Bugs

Why You Should Use Natural Treatments to Kill Bed Bugs

The first thing that most people do when they find out that they have Bed Bugs is either call an exterminator or go out and find the biggest, baddest chemicals that they can find that claims it can kill bed bugs.

At least I know that was my reaction when I first discovered the bites from these nasty bugs.

Then when I checked and found them on my bed I went straight to the nearest Home Depot to find something that would kill the bugs.

I also notified the building manager in the apartments that I lived in at the time but they informed me that the exterminator would be at least a week or two before he could come and treat my apartment.

I guess I was still sort of lucky though.  At least the management of the building building where I lived was willing to treat the bugs.

A big problem that a lot of people encounter if they have to pay for an exterminator themselves is that they can be pretty expensive and not all of them know how to deal with bed bugs.

Plus, add to that there is that fact that any chemicals that you buy or that are applied by an exterminator can be dangerous for you, your family, and any pets that you have in your home.

A lot of times there are a lot of people that like myself are highly allergic to these toxic chemicals.

Then there are the people who just prefer to keep chemicals like this out of their homes.  They might also be reluctant to allow strangers in their home.

Anyone with these concerns is probably going to be interested in finding a natural and safer way to deal with bed bugs.

Types Of Natural Treatments

There are several different types of Natural Treatments to kill bed bugs.  Natural treatments can range from the products that you use to the methods that you use to defeat these bugs.

Natural Methods and Products That Work

Protect Your Bed

The very first method that you need to use is to protect your Bed!  Almost every infestation is centered around the places that you sleep so protecting your bed and isolating it from an infestation will give you immediate relief from an infestation.

Protecting your bed from bed bugs includes several steps including a bed bug mattress protector, cleaning your frame and using bed bug risers to keep new bugs from getting on your bed.  Here is a link to more specific steps.

There are a number of products that you can use but they are a bit hard to find in most stores so the best option is going on-line for quick and discreet delivery from places like SafeRest Mattress Encasements .

I’ve always hated trying to find products in local stores that only carry part of what I need and then facing the knowing looks at the register when I check out with the products.  Better for me at least, to find a reliable place that has everything on-line with quick delivery right to my door.

Will Natural Products Work

There are many natural products that work as well as the commercial products that are used by exterminators.

One of them that I have used numerous times is DE or Diatomaceous earth.  This is a reliable product that you sprinkle around your bed an any other areas where you suspect that there are bed bugs.  It’s also a great barrier to help keep the bugs out of your home.

It is made of ground up shells so it’s safe for your family and pets.  DE works by tearing holes in the abdomens of the bedbug when it crawls over the powder, eventually drying out and killing the bugs.  One great place to get powders and sprays is from Bed Bug Powders and Sprays at

DE comes in a variety of names but the basic product is the same – and it works!

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or tea tree oil have been used by people for centuries to keep bugs at bay.  Lavender oil has recently been tested and is an effective deterrent to bed bugs.  Either put a few drops on your bed frame or dilute it in a spray that you use around the feet of your bed and it will help to keep the bugs away.


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