Natural Treatments For Bed Bugs : Do They Work?

By | March 8, 2013

Natural Treatments for Bed Bugs

Natural Treatments For Bed BugsMore and more people are searching for natural treatments for bed bugs as they become a larger and larger problem for increasing numbers of people across the country.

It’s also no surprise that natural treatments for bed bugs is something that a lot of people are interested in because of any number of different reasons but mostly because they are concerned about using harsh chemicals in their homes.

So – do natural treatments for bed bugs actually work?  And do they actually work as well as chemicals?

The simple answer to those questions is that natural treatments for bed bugs do work and they can help get rid of bed bugs in cases where someone doesn’t want to use the chemicals that are normally applied by exterminators.

Why Don’t People Want To Use Chemicals

First let’s start with the simple fact is that once these bugs get inside your home, and the longer they are there, the harder it is going to be to get rid of them.  So many people turn to harsh chemicals to get rid of bed bugs.

But one of the big reasons that natural treatments for bed bugs is so popular is that many people are allergic to these chemicals that are normally used in treating for the bugs.

Or many people may just prefer not to have those toxic chemicals sprayed in their home around themselves, their family, and their pets.

Luckily there are natural treatments for bed bugs that you can use that are both environmentally friendly and safe for you and your family.  A full list is on our Natural Products Page.

Natural Treatments For Bed Bugs That I Have Used

There are several natural treatments for bed bugs that I have successfully used when faced with an infestation.

But one of the first things that I have always done is actually not a natural treatment for bed bugs but rather a tactic that you can use whether you are treating for the bugs yourself or hiring an exterminator.

Everyone that I have ever talked to about bedbugs always has them in and around their bed.  So you should always always start there.

This first tactic is making sure that my bed was protected from these pests.  This also has the benefit of giving you immediate relief from the bugs using only safe products.

Mattress Enclosure

Your first step in protecting your bed is using a mattress enclosure.  Most of the time when you have an infestation you are going to find the bugs hiding in or on your mattress, box springs, bed frame and pillows.

These bulky items are extremely hard to treat using normal treatments since the bugs can crawl inside them through small rips and tears.  Once inside the bulk of the mattress protects the bugs from almost all normal treatments.

So they just wait out any treatment that you try and come back out when the area is safe for them.

But mattress enclosures are basically big bags that are designed to cover up and totally seal your mattress, pillows and box springs, trapping the bugs inside where they can’t get to you.

This step keeps bed bugs from hiding inside these extremely hard to treat area by trapping them inside the mattress enclosure until they die and keeping new bugs from getting into the mattress.

In simple terms what you are doing is creating a safe zone that the bugs can’t get into so that you get immediate relief from the nightly bites from these bugs.

You do this by cleaning your bed of the bugs.

You start by taking your bed apart.  Take the sheets off your bed and take the mattress and box springs off the frame.

You then clean your frame first.  You can use a strong solution of bleach and water to thoroughly clean the entire frame.  You should be looking for both the bugs and the eggs that they lay.

Once the frame is dry you should put a small mist of diatomaceous earth on it to discourage and kill any bugs that you might have missed.

Before you put the mattress and box springs back on the frame enclose them in the bed bug proof enclosures to seal in any bugs that are already in your mattress and box springs so they can no longer bother you.

Make sure that any bed enclosures that you buy say “bed bug proof” on the package.  These enclosures come in all sizes to fit almost every size of mattress.

Meanwhile you should wash your sheets in hot water and dry them with high heat to kill any bugs that are clinging on them.

You should put the feet of your bed on bed bug risers to make it impossible for the bugs to crawl up on your bed.

And voila – instant relief from bed bugs.

Here is a reputable company that has high quality mattress enclosures at reasonable prices for all size beds.

The next product that I always have found useful is Diatomaceous Earth.  This is a natural product that is safe for your family and pets.  It is basically ground up shells.

While it might take a bit, when the bugs crawl across this powder it rips tiny holes in their abdomen, causing them to dry out and die.

Use it liberally around the feet to your bed, on the bed frame, and along the edges of your sheets.

Lastly are what is called bed bug traps.  These are basically upside down cups that trap the bugs when they try to crawl up the legs of your bed.  These traps fit on the feet of your bed.  Since they are slick once the bug gets inside they can’t get out, keeping them from you.

Here is a source of high quality traps that are strong enough to hold the weight of your bed without cracking.

These are some of our tips on natural treatments for bed bugs that are on and around your bed.

Use these tips and follow our treatment advice and soon you will be bedbug free!


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