Most Effective Bed Bug Treatments

By | April 14, 2016

bed bug expertThe most effective bed bug treatments consist of the same basic steps that are the same whether you are treating yourself or plan on using an exterminator.

These steps include identifying, isolating, treating, and retreating. Each step is important and can’t be skipped unless you are willing to risk the bugs coming back.

If you don’t follow these steps you might get rid of the bugs for a while but they are probably going to come back again.

What If You Get Re-Infested?

Plus, when you get rid of these pests using these methods if you get re-infested it will be easier to get rid of them again.

I’ve effectively used these methods time and again when our apartment would get re-infested.  Our building management would treat two floors a month plus anyone who had complained of the bugs.

This resulted in the bugs migrating from floor to floor as the floors were treated so every few months we would get a new infestation that we had to treat.


fumigation for bed bugs

Can You See Bed Bugs

In the most effective bed bug treatments the first thing that you need to do is to identify the bugs and make sure that they are actually bedbugs that you are dealing with in your home.

It is hard to identify whether it is bed bugs or not just based upon the bites that they leave although their bites can be an important clue.

These bugs will tend to bite several times in a straight line as they look for a vein to feed.  This can be a uniques identifier.

But the best way to identify them is to look for the actual bug.  To do this you need to look first in the areas where you sleep since Bed Bugs like to keep close to their meals.

So start your search along the seams of your mattress and box springs for the actual bugs.  You might also find their discarded shells, small blood stains, or minute stains from their excrement.


rp_250x250-12.jpgOnce you know that it is Bed Bugs that you are dealing with this next step is crucial and done correctly will give you immediate relief from the nightly feedings and itching.

What you are going to do is to isolate yourself from them.  You do this by creating a bed bug free zone on and around your bed.

If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation it’s likely that you are going to  notice them first on your bed and this is where you need to start your attack against them.

Mattress Enclosure

To isolate your bed you need to get a bedbug enclosure for your mattress and box springs.  The enclosures that you want will completely enclose your mattress and zip tightly shut to trap any bugs that are already in your mattress and box spring inside.  Make sure that you get mattress enclosures that say – bed bug proof”!

You should take your bed apart and clean and treat your headboard, frame and legs  when you do this to make sure that there are no longer bed bugs on your bed.  Use contact killer on the frame and headboard and then leave a mist of a powder like diatomaceous earth on them to kill any bugs or eggs that you missed.

You should also use bed risers to make sure that the legs of your bed your bed are completely off limits for the bugs.  These risers are a smooth plastic that will make it impossible for the bugs to crawl onto and up your bed legs.

Finally, after you have wrapped your mattress and box springs in bed bug enclosures put them back on the frame.  You can wash and dry your pillows on a high heat or there are pillow enclosures that you can use to keep any bugs that have infested the pillows trapped inside till they die.

Then all you have to do is make sure that you keep any blankets or sham off the floor so the bugs have no way to get onto your bed and you have created a bed bug free zone that gives you instant relief so you can treat the rest of your home.


Even though the area around your bed usually will have the largest infestation you should carefully check other areas around your home for areas where there might be bugs.

Check in chairs or sofas where you routinely sit for long periods of time.  Look along the carpet edges in your bedroom and furniture that is close to your bed.

All these areas should be treated.  The most effective bed bug treatments that I prefer are non-toxic but on occasion, when faced with a larger infestation, have used bombs.

I have used more toxic methods when landlords have provided exterminators but always prefer to go it alone using things like diatomaceous earth.

These natural products are less toxic and just as effective if they are used correctly.

You should also look for the ways that the bugs get into your home.  These include doors, electrical outlets, through plumbing and windows.

Treat all of these areas with something that will last.  I like diatomaceous earth as a way of treating.  This can take a little while but it is a very effective product that is safe for you and your pets.


life cycleProbably the single biggest key to killing off any infestation is to make sure that you re-treat.  If your landlord provides you with an exterminator and they don’t re-treat then you are going to have to do this yourself because this step is crucial.

You see, the reason that you have to retreat is that most treatments don’t kill bed bug eggs.  This means that when these eggs hatch 10 to 14 days after they have been laid you are going to be infested again.

So any eggs that have been laid before or while you treated will soon have bed bugs running around again and re-infesting your home.

Even then the most effective bed bug treatments should plan on at least two re-treatments to permanently kill any infestation.

And if you live in a larger building that is treating here and there you may get re-infested.  We lived in one 12 story building that would spray two  floors at a time.  Every time a floor above or below us would get treated we would get re-infested and have to re-treat.

You can also get re-infested when a neighbor gets an infestation that they don’t treat right away or even if they treat the bug could migrate into your unit.

The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatments

I know that this is a really condensed version of the most effective bed bug treatments but it does give you a good overview of the best bed bug treatments that you are going to have to take to get rid of these bugs.

You can get the full version along with a lot of other tips and ideas in my book located here.

I’ve purposely priced the book low to make it affordable for anyone who is battling bed bugs.  No one should have to live with these blood sucking pests so learn the most effective bed bug treatments here.

Conclusion To Bed Bug Treatments

The most important thing to remember is that the sooner you take steps – whether that means treating the problem yourself or by using an exterminator – the more successful your efforts will be at getting rid of the bugs.

An infestation will only grow larger if you leave it untreated and that will make it harder to get rid of the bed bugs.  You should always plan on treating any infestation as soon as you see it.

You might even take preventative steps if you hear about a neighbor that has a bug problem to make sure that they don’t travel to your home.

There are a lot of different bed bug treatments that you can use ranging from chemicals to natural bed bug killers to heat and cold.  All are effective in their own way but the more that you use the sooner you will get rid of these nasty bugs.

Which treatment you use will likely depend upon your personal needs and what you have available.

For instance, you might approach the problem differently if you live in an apartment and the management is willing to provide an exterminator than you would if you live in a condo and have to pay for an exterminator yourself.

Or you’ll treat the problem differently if you deal with allergies and/or are concerned about using harsh chemicals.

But, no matter what you do, treating a bed bug infestation takes some time and effort on your part.