Mattress Enclosures for Bed Bugs

By | November 21, 2013

Just What Are Mattress Enclosures for Bed Bugs?

mattress coversMattress Enclosures for Bed Bugs are an effective and cost effective way to help you start to get any size infestation under control. Bed Bugs like to stay as close as possible to their meals (meaning you and your family). One of the most common places that they will hide to escape detection during the day is in your mattress, box springs and bed frame.

Although you can fog or treat your bed frame to kill the bugs they can still hide safely away from your efforts inside your mattress and box springs where treatments just can’t reach. This is where mattress enclosures come to your rescue!

Mattress Enclosures for Bed Bugs are simply large zipper bags that fit tightly around your mattress and box springs. These tough enclosures will immediately trap any bugs that may be infesting your mattress inside and keep them away from you!

Mattress enclosures are sized to fit any size mattress, box springs, and even are available for your pillows. Once the bugs are trapped inside they are unable to get to you and your family any more and eventually will die.



These mattress enclosures for bed bugs are very helpful to you in several ways.

  • First, they will immediately trap any infestation that you have in your mattress inside the bags, keeping the bugs from getting to you and your family. The bags are specially designed with zippers and tough fabric that is thick enough to make it impossible for the bugs bite through them or ever escape.
  • Second, they limit the hiding areas that the bugs have around the area of your bed. This makes it easier to treat since many natural and chemical treatments only work with direct contact and these treatments just aren’t able to get inside your mattress where the bugs are hiding.
  • Third, they save you the cost of tossing infested mattresses and pillows by safely and permanently trapping the bugs.
  • Fourth, even if you don’t have an infestation in your mattress these enclosures will make sure that no bugs ever make your mattress or box springs their home. This makes any future problems easier to treat.

Mattress Enclosures along with risers and treating around the bed legs will give you instant relief from an infestation. They aren’t the total solution, but they are an important part of an effective plan to deal with the bugs.

Finding the Proper Mattress Enclosure for Bed Bugs:

Mattress Enclosures are available in some local stores or online here.

Just make sure that any mattress enclosure you buy is sized properly and says “Bed Bug Proof” on the package. In most stores you’ll find mattress enclosures that are waterproof or padding in the same area as bed bug mattress enclosures and these won’t work in trapping the bugs.

We Recommend Bed Bug Supply to find proper fitting enclosures.


Make sure that you purchase the proper size for a tight fit. You need to be very careful when you put the enclosure on your mattress so you don’t rip it. If you should rip it, or can’t find the right fit, just use duct tape to seal the hole or fold over the extra fabric and tape it tightly so there are no extra hiding spots.

Remember that the idea of these enclosures is to seal your mattress and pillows, making sure that any infestations inside are kept away from you and no new infestations can occur. Check regularly for signs of the bugs or rips that can happen over time.

Our cats sometimes like to claw at things and will rip small holes in our enclosure but we just seal it back up with duct tape.


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