What Kills Bed Bugs

By | January 13, 2015

What Kills Bed Bugs

What kills bed bugsI occurred to me the other day that most of my posts that I write assume that you, the reader, has a working knowledge about these bugs and what kills bed bugs.

After thinking about this I realized that this is sort of a stupid assumption on my part because many of the people who are coming to my site are probably dealing with these nasty little bugs for the first time and you came here to find out more about how you get rid of them.

So I am going to give you a quick overview here and include links to other parts of my site that can give you more information.

Bed Bugs Are Hard To Kill

There are few bugs that are harder to kill than these pests.  They were once almost eradicated in most industrialized nations through the use of DDT.  But since this chemical has been banned in most countries they are making a startling comeback.

They are now resistant to most pesticides that are used by exterminators.  Their eggs are almost impossible to kill without extreme steps being taken.

Plus, many exterminators are still not trained in how to kill these pests and will fall back on the methods that work for other pests, and that does nothing for these bugs.

Social Stigma

Another big problem in dealing with these bugs is that somehow they seem to carry a social stigma with them, where we have an impression that getting an infestation of bed bugs is somehow more embarrassing than any other bug.

This stigma can make it embarrassing for people to seek help when they have an infestation, often causing them to wait until there is a larger infestation which makes it more difficult to exterminate.

But the truth is that getting these bugs has little or nothing to do with how clean your home is and everything to do with opportunity.

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