How To Kill Bed Bugs With Cold

By | January 15, 2015

How To Kill Bed Bugs With Cold

One easy way to kill bed bugs is with cold. And with the cold winter upon us this can work to your advantage.

Cold can kill bed bugs but it is going to take several days of near freezing temperatures. To work the temperatures should be at least 0 degrees and last for several days without getting warmer.

This is a great way to kill the bugs if you live in an area where the temperatures get that low and stay for days at a time. But it must stay that cold and you must keep the items that cold for at least three days.

You can put out any furniture that is infested, even books, just cover them from the elements and kill the bugs.

Don’t Kill Bed Bugs With Cold Inside Your Apartment

I wouldn’t suggest that you open your windows to use the cold to freeze out the bugs in your apartment though.

The first reason is that there would probably be enough ambient heat coming from the units around you to give the bugs a chance at surviving.

Second reason is that you are probably going to freeze and maybe burst your plumbing pipes and cause a huge mess and expense.

But you can kill bed bugs with cold in your furniture and other things that you can set outside on a balcony or patio. Just make sure that anything that you put outside is protected from any snow and is safe from being stolen in the case of a patio.

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