Bed Bug Infestations In Libraries

By | February 26, 2013

bedbug1Now there is a new way that bedbugs are getting into our homes, through bed bug infestations in libraries.  In a recent article the Associated Press reports that bed bugs were found in the childrens reading room at the Kalamazoo Public Library’s Central Library.

This was after an inspection was ordered because of the bugs being found in another branch of the Library.

A spokesperson for the library went on to say:

“Some time ago, the national professional literature of libraries made us aware of this issue,” DeVries said, “and another library in our region experienced an issue not unlike that currently facing Kalamazoo.”

This demonstrates how adept the bedbugs are at hitchhiking to new homes through a variety of means.  In a recent case in Denver the bugs were found in books that were returned from a man who was a hoarder.

The books that were checked out were on top of piles of other books and newspapers in the mans home that had been infested and when those books were returned they were infested.  This resulted in sections of the downtown main branch needing to be closed and fumigated.

Bedbugs are finding their way into libraries in other parts of the country too.  This is a good example of how easily the bugs can get into your home even though you keep it neat and clean.  Bugs can find their way in books, packages that are delivered, and from neighbors.

Even if you haven’t had an infestation yet, with the numbers of the bugs growing rapidly it is important that you be vigilent to avoid them coming into your home.

A full copy of the article can be read at this link.