How to Use Bed Bug Bed Risers

By | December 16, 2013

Bed Bug bed risers are a critical part of getting rid of bed bugs centers around your bed.  Bed Bugs are nocturnal because this is the time when you are sleeping, when you are not moving around and they can get to you to feed.

So it is extremely important that one of the first thing that you do to get rid of the bugs is to isolate and protect your bed from them.  You want to make it as hard as possible for them to get to you.

On our Mattress Enclosures page we discussed how you can use an enclosure to trap the bugs that are already hiding inside your mattress.  Bed Bug bed risers will take this one step further.

By using the bed bug bed risers to raise your bed up off the floor it makes it harder for the bugs to get to you.  If you use risers that are slick, it makes it impossible for them to crawl up the legs of your bed.

You should also make sure that there are no sheets that the bugs can climb up to get on your bed and that if possible move the bed away from the wall so they can’t climb the wall to get to you.

Here is another important tip!

Use bed risers on the feet of your bed. Risers are designed to stop the bugs from climbing up the legs of your bed. While BedBugs can climb walls and sheets, they can’t climb a smooth surface. Bed Risers are smooth which can trap the bugs.

Usually they are cup shaped plastic which keeps the bugs at bay and protects your sleeping areas. You can set your bed feet in heavy glass cups or glasses or you can buy risers that are designed for the weight. Put a little Diatomaceous Earth around the feet and you will have created a moat that the bugs won’t be able to cross!

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