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Bed bugs are a true nuisance that can be extremely hard to treat and you just might want to find a local bed bug exterminator.  But if you want to get them out of your life you need an exterminator that is experienced with dealing with them.

Although more and more exterminators are receiving the training that they need to deal with bedbugs, someone who is inexperienced can be a waste of time and money. Here is how to find a local bed bug exterminator.

Every once in a while I even read about a situation where an inexperienced exterminator causes more problems for the home owner than they had before he came into their home.  Read More Here

This is often because they will try to treat the bugs in the same way that they treat other bugs, and that just won’t work.  What you need is someone who knows what they are doing, and can create a treatment plan that has the best chances of working.

For me, a red flag is when you find a local bed bug exterminator that the bugs will be totally exterminated in one treatment.  Even when they guarantee to come back till the bugs are gone it can be a problem.  Make sure that before you jump on these offers you read the fine print and check their reputation with the BBB.

Often times companies will offer refunds on the LAST treatment.  Others have other stipulations in them so make sure that you do your home work.

Myself, I would be more than a little leery of anyone who offers a 100% guarantee.  These bugs are just too hard to exterminate since most of the sprays exterminators use are contact sprays.  These can fade by the time eggs hatch and the eggs aren’t killed even if they are directly sprayed.

I’m also leery when they want to treat but don’t give me any instructions about the things that I can do to protect myself from and prevent bed bugs.  I’ve yet to have an exterminator tell me the benefits of using a mattress enclosure.  Yet a mattress enclosure and bed bug risers are two of the most important things that you can do for immediate relief from bed bugs.

What I look for when I try to find a local bed bug exterminator who honestly explains the difficulty of killing bedbugs, is knowledgeable about the problem and treatments, tells you what you need to do to help, and has a plan that includes more than just multiple sprayings.

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