Why A Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure Is So Effective!

Why Is A Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure So Effective At Killing Bed Bugs?

If you are dealing with an bed bug infestation you are going to want to get relief as fast as possible and a Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure can help you achieve that goal.

You could always throw away your infested mattress and box springs but this is costly and still leaves your new mattress vulnerable to being infested.

I’ve found that using a Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure is a far easier and much cheaper way that you can use to get rid of the bugs.

It’s also an important step in a plan that will help you to totally rid yourself of these bugs.

These enclosures are also called a Bed Bug Mattress Encasement or a Bed Bug Mattress Protector and using one of these on your bed is your best bet to get immediate relief and help with killing any size infestation.

Why You Need A Bed Bug Mattress Protector

Since it’s a known fact that Bed Bugs like to stay as close as they can to their meals  (this means you and your family) one of the most common places that they will use to hide and escape detection during the day is inside your mattress or your box springs and on the frame of your bed.

Even though you can fog or treat your bed frame to kill these bugs they can still hide safely away from your efforts inside your mattress and box springs.  They will hide along the seams and or even crawl inside the mattress through the smallest of rips that always happen over time.

The size of your mattress makes it almost impossible to treat using normal methods.  Chemicals and sprays can’t penetrate inside your mattress and heat treatments have a hard time heating the bulk of the mattress or box springs to a temperature that is high enough to kill the bugs.

This is where a bed bug mattress encasement comes to your rescue!  You can use one to get immediate relief from the nightly biting and itching that is tormenting your family.

How A Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Works

mattress coversBed Bug Mattress Enclosures are simply large zipper bags that fit tightly around your mattress and box springs.  You can use one of these tough bed bug mattress protectors to immediately trap any bugs that may be infesting your mattress inside the enclosure and keep them away from you!

Once the bugs are trapped inside the Bed Bug Mattress Protector they will be unable to get to you through the tough fabric and will eventually die away.

Then by treating your bed frame and using the simple methods that I describe in my book to make it impossible for the bugs to crawl back onto your bed a mattress enclosure will get you fast relief from the nightly bites that torment you and your family.

These bed bug mattress encasements come in all sizes and are designed to fit snugly over any size of mattress, box springs, and even are available for your pillows for total relief.

While this is just one step that gives you immediate relief from the bugs once they get trapped inside the tough fabric of the Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure they are unable to get to you and your family any more.



Using a bed bug mattress enclosure is very helpful to you in several ways and gives you time to treat the rest of your home.

  • First, they will immediately trap any infestation that you have in your mattress inside the bags, keeping the bugs from getting to you and your family.  The bags are specially designed with zippers and a tough fabric that is thick enough to make it impossible for the bugs bite through them or ever escape.
  • Second, they limit the hiding areas that the bugs have around the area of your bed.  This makes it easier to treat them since most natural and chemical treatments only work with direct contact and these treatments just aren’t able to get inside your mattress where the bugs are hiding.
  • Third, they save you the cost of tossing infested mattresses and pillows by safely and permanently trapping the bugs.
  • Fourth, even if you don’t have an infestation in your mattress these enclosures will make sure that no bugs ever make your mattress or box springs their home.  This makes any future problems easier to treat.

A Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure along with risers that make it impossible for the bugs to re-infest your bed and then treating around the bed frame and legs will give you instant relief from an infestation.  They aren’t the total solution, but they are an important part of an effective plan to deal with the bugs.

Finding the Proper Bed Bug Mattress Protector

You can sometimes find a Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure in local stores or at our favorite place to get them is online here.

Just make sure that any Bed Bug Mattress encasement you buy is sized properly for your mattress and says “Bed Bug Proof” on the package.  A regular mattress enclosure will not work.

The reason that I like using an on-line source is that finding the right size for your bed in local stores can sometimes be a problem because regular stores carry only a limited variety of sizes.

It’s also a little embarrassing to walk up to the cashier with a mattress enclosure that says it’s for trapping bed bugs.

In most stores you’ll find normal mattress protectors that are padded, waterproof or designed to trap dust mites in the same area that you might find bed bug mattress enclosures and these just won’t work in trapping the bugs.

Buying a Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure on line is discreet, and ensures you that you get the right size quickly delivered right to your door!

We Recommend Bed Bug Supply to find a proper fitting Bed Bug Mattress Enclosure.

Important Final Thoughts

Make sure that you purchase the proper size for a tight fit.  You should be very careful when you put the bed bug enclosure on your mattress and box springs so you don’t rip it.

But don’t worry, even if you should rip it, or can’t find the right fit, just use duct tape to seal the hole or fold over the extra fabric and tape it tightly so there are no extra hiding spots for the bugs.

Remember that the idea of using a bed bug mattress enclosure is to seal your mattress and pillows, making sure that any infestations inside are kept away from you and no new infestations can occur.

There are also zipper enclosures for your pillows but if you want to save a few bucks you can usually kill the bed bugs in your pillows by drying them on high heat in a dryer.  Just make sure to use the highest heat setting and dry them for a long enough period to kill the bugs.  But since the covers for the mattresses are fairly inexpensive you can make sure and solve the problem by buying a few of them for your pillows.

You should check regularly for any signs of the bugs or rips that can happen over time.

Our cats sometimes like to claw at things and will rip small holes in our bed bug mattress enclosure but we just seal it back up with duct tape.

Now remember, this is only part of the solution to getting rid of the bed bugs and unless you follow through with all the steps that I describe on this site and in my book they are eventually going to find a way to get back at you.

Once you put a bed bug mattress enclosure on your bed you are still going to have to take some important steps to make sure that this works.

This includes making sure that your blankets are not hanging to the floor which would give the bugs a quick way to get around the steps you have taken.

I’d also advise pulling your bed a foot or two away from the wall until you have killed all the bugs to make sure they can’t access the bed that way.

Look at your bed and make sure that you remove any ways for the bugs to get onto the bed from adjacent furniture, sheets or blankets that hang to the floor, electric cords for heated blanket or things like c-pap machines or oxygen hoses.

If you must have a cord or hose going to your bed just get some double sided tape to trap the bugs when they try to use these cords/hoses to get on your bed.

I’d also recommend that you use a spray of diatomaceous earth on and around your bed frame legs to kill any bugs that get past your measures.  Then make sure that you use a bed leg protector cup to trap any bugs that try to use your bed legs to crawl up and onto your mattress.

If you don’t want to spend the money to buy these protective cups you can use any glass or slick surfaces cup to set your bed legs in so they bugs can’t get up on your bed.  Always use a fine puff of diatomaceous earth on these as well to kill any bugs that get in them.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t the total solution but it can give you some immediate relief from the nightly ordeal of you and your family being bitten while you try to sleep.

Following the rest of the steps described in my book or on this web site will then allow you to treat the rest of your home and get rid of the bed bugs that are tormenting you!


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