How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

By | May 5, 2014

how to get rid of bed bugsLearning how to get rid of bed bugs is a process that has a steep learning curve.  The problem is that these bugs are experts at hiding and most people don’t know where they should look for them.

It’s estimated that the number of infestations from these bugs has increased by 300% since just 2005.  And with more people than ever before traveling the main way that the bugs gets around is only increasing.  So learning how to get rid of bed bugs is important.

The bugs can’t travel very far on their own so they rely on hitchhiking as their main mode of travel.  They will infest a place and then get into bags or on clothing for a quick ride to new feeding grounds.

Get More Facts On How They Infest Your Home Here.

Although there are reports of bugs being found on planes, in cabs, or in restaurants, the main place that many people will get them when traveling is at hotels or motels.  These places are perfect for the bugs because of the high turnover in guests.  Even in a hotel where they owners do their best to keep on top of the problem, the very next guest could re-infest a unit.

So it’s important that you learn how to get rid of bed bugs when you travel.

7 Tips For Avoiding Them When Traveling

One of the main things to learn about how to get rid of the bugs in your home is learning how keep them out in the first place.  Once your home becomes infested it becomes a much larger problem to get rid of them.  Always make sure that you check your hotel rooms carefully when you are traveling.

Another thing, if you have kids that are in college, make sure that you check any bags or boxes that they bring home carefully for the bugs to keep them out of your home.

These bugs are a real pain, literally, so make sure that you protect your home and learn how to get rid of bed bugs in your home!

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