How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

By | November 24, 2014

how to get rid of bed bugsHaving to learn how to get rid of bed bugs is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  I wish no one ever had to encounter these bugs because once they infest your home it can be a monumental task to get rid of them.

The worst part is that every night you’ll dread going to bed because of the bites and itchy feelings that have become a part of your daily life.  Once you turn the lights out the bugs will start crawling out of their hiding places and inch their way towards you.

So, how to get rid of bed bugs is going to be the question that you need answered.  Part of the answer is going to be: as soon as possible.  Because it is also true that once you get an infestation the longer you wait to treat and kill them the worse the infestation is going to get.

Getting rid of the bugs is a major problem but if you plan your steps carefully you will be able to get rid of them whether you use an exterminator or do it yourself.

Steps For Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

The steps are pretty straight forward.  First you need to make sure that you identify correctly that it is bed bugs that you are dealing with.  As part of this process you are going to try and find out where they are hiding during the day.

If you really want to know how to get rid of bed bugs you are going to need to de-clutter your home next.  You do this to give the bugs fewer places to hide and make it easier to treat for them.

Part of the problem with treating for bed bugs is that they are very adept at hiding.  And if they crawl deep into your mattress or behind walls it makes it really hard to get rid of them.  This is why de-cluttering helps.

Once you identify the bugs it is going to give you clues to the size of the infestation and also where they came from.  This also helps you to decide the best way to treat for them.

Then you need to treat your home and any entry points that the bugs are using to get in or to hide.  There are a number of different sprays and powders that you can use but diatomaceous earth is my favorite tool to get rid of bed bugs.

Finally and most importantly, you need to re-treat as often as is needed.  The problem with just one treatment is that the eggs laid by these bugs is almost impossible to kill.  So if you rely on just one treatment you are going to be re-infested as soon as the eggs hatch.

But, if you are looking for immediate relief from bed bugs here is a tip.  Remember when you were a kid a would make your bed into a fortress?  Well you can do the same thing right now and make it impossible for the bedbugs to get to you using these tips here!

More Info On How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

These are a summary of the tactics that you need to use if you want learn how to get rid of bed bugs.   You can get more info in my new book on how to get rid of bed bugs.  For just $7.20 you will get all the information and help that you need to get rid of bed bugs once and for all!  Click Here For An Immediate Download!

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