How to Combat Bed Bugs

By | March 1, 2011

How To Combat Bed Bugs

Whether you just found out you have an infestation or have been dealing with bed bugs for a while, one important question that you want answered is how to combat bed bugs.  How can you get rid of them once they start to make you life miserable?  or maybe you want to know how to keep from getting them in your home.

The answer to each question is the same.  Whether to keep them out or get rid of them you need to take certain steps to insure bed bug elimination.

How To Combat Bed Bugs At Home

If you live in an apartment you need to know what there is a good chance that you might get infected.  If you are already infested or have a high chance of becoming infested then you need to bedbug proof your home.

You do this with mattress, box spring, and pillow enclosures.  You de-clutter your home so they have fewer places to hide, treat as soon as a bug is spotted, and learn about how they get into your home so that you can cut off as many of those access points as possible.

How To Combat Bed Bugs When You Travel

If you travel often you need learn how to check your luggage when you come home and how to keep the bugs out of the luggage when you are staying in hotels and motels.  Knowledge is the key here.  You basically have just three choices if you are infested.  Live with them, treat your home yourself, or hire a professional.

Conclusion on How to Combat Bed Bugs

My personal choice is to combine those last two options if it is possible.  If you live in an apartment building then they may hire a bed bug professional to apply chemicals and monitor the situation.

At the same time I would do things that would enhance what the exterminator is doing.

I would make sure that I protected the area around my bed, used diatomaceous earth to create a barrier and do everything that I can to kill bed bugs yourself. These steps will help ensure that any bed bugs that are trying to get into your home are killed.

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