How Do Bed Bugs Get In Your House

By | January 30, 2014

bed bug expertHave you ever wondered how a bug that is so small and can’t fly can travel so far?  It’s a question that I get asked a lot.   Just how do bed bugs get in your house?  Its a mistake when people think that if they keep their home neat and clean that they shouldn’t get into your home.  Not true!

How do bed bugs get in your house? Here are just a few ways that answer that question.

By coming through small holes around pipes and wiring from adjacent apartments or condos.  Bed Bugs small enough that they can fit through extremely small holes.  They are usually less than 1/4″ in size and can smell the aroma of our bodies from a distance.  Even though they are small they can crawl up to 20′ to and from a victim each night.

By coming in boxes or packages that come from warehouses or other homes that are infested.  There are more and more reports about infestations in warehouses.

On your clothing or other peoples clothing when they come from an infested area.  BedBugs can attach themselves to you clothing if you visit a home where they are infesting and ride home with you.

On clothing when you go to places like restaurants, theatres, or ride in cabs.  There are increasing reports of the bugs being found in public places.  Libraries have even found them in books that were returned to them after being in an infested home.

On a suitcase when you have stayed in a hotel or motel room that is infested.  With a constant stream of people going in and out it should be no surprise that hotels and motels are experiencing problems with the bugs.  You should always be careful when traveling.  Here are some tips for avoiding bed bugs while traveling.

There are a myriad of ways that bed bugs can get into your home.  It is a bad assumption that bed bugs come by the hundreds into your home.  The fact is that an infection can start with just one pregnant female.  Read more about it here!

Once a female is impregnated it is common for the bug to look for a new feeding area.  Once in your home that single female will lay hundreds of eggs that will infest your home.

So, how do bed bugs get in your house?  Any way that they can find.

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