Here Is A New Natural Product to Kill Bed Bugs

By | April 22, 2013

natural product to kill bed bugsBed bugs are becoming an increasing problem after re-emerging as an urban blight that is resistant to most pesticides. So if you are looking for a natural product to kill bed bugs, researchers have re-discovered and age old remedy that may help get rid of bedbugs once and for all!

Just the thought of bed bugs makes most people shudder. Having these nasty bugs crawl over you and your family in the middle of the night while they feed on you is certainly not something that you would want to happen in your home.

The worst problem with these bugs is how easily they can get into our homes. They can travel in suitcases, on clothing, or just by crawling through our walls. And once they get there they are extremely hard to get rid of without using dangerous chemicals to kill them.

Yet many people are allergic to these chemicals and need to find an alternative.  For these people some recent news may be good news.

Recently researchers have re-discovered a age old folk remedy that has been used for years in Eastern Europe. This magic remedy is both safe for humans and pets, and deadly for BedBugs. This natural product to kill bed bugs is kidney bean leaves.

It seems that people in Eastern Europe have been scattering these leaves on the floors of their homes for years to remove the bugs. This discovery could help create a low tech, environmentally freindly way that will get rid of the bugs.

Although it seems that the kidney bean leaves do not naturally interact, the leaves possess a natural defense against hungry insect predators which stop the bugs in their tracks.

The leaves have extremely small sharp-hooked hairs called trichomes spread across their surface. These microscopic hooks, ranging from 10 micrometers in diameter to 50 to 100 micrometers high jab into the insects’ bodies, trapping them before they get very far.

Even if the bugs get free they are often trapped again just a few steps later. The experiments on this natural product to kill bed bugs was described in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, where they tested this home-grown solution and even attempted to make synthetic leaves that could help scientists devise an easy, environmentally friendly method of trapping bugs before they establish a full invasion.

While the researchers were unable to create an artificial solution at this time I think this still holds a lot of promise. Even though most of us would be reluctant to strew leaves all over our floors I for one would certainly be willing to spread a few under my bed to get rid of an infestation.

Any natural product to kill bed bugs is probably going to be a little more work than just spraying or fogging though.  But for those of us who deal with allergies or who are reluctant to spray harsh chemicals in our living environment, a natural product to kill bed bugs would be an amazing gift!