Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Without Chemicals

By | December 17, 2014

Learning how to get rid of bed bugs without chemicals can be extremely important if you or a member of your family is allergic to the chemicals that are used by exterminators to kill these bugs.

Or, you just might want to keep these toxic chemicals out of your home, away from your family and pets.

Can You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Without Chemicals?

The answer is yes, you can.  There are a number of different methods, strategies, and natural products that you can use to get rid of these bugs.

One great product that I like is diatomaceous earth.  This product is a great, safe, and effective tool that you should be using if you want to get rid of bed bugs without chemicals.

Using Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There are also a number of other products like essential oils and even plants that help to kill bed bugs.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Using Natural Methods

My Favorite Tools!

But one of my favorite and most effective ways to get rid of bed bugs combines several methods to give  instant relief from these bugs.  This method is based on the fact that bed bugs are for the most part nocturnal.

In other words they like to feed on you during the night – usually when you are sleeping so they can feed undisturbed.  Their favorite time to feed is just before dawn when our sleep is deepest.

So your bed should be the first area that you treat.  When I have an infestation it usually starts with a few bites when I am sleeping.

The sooner you treat the fewer bugs that you are trying to get rid of and the easier and more effective the treatments.

So I make sure to have a mattress enclosure to ensure that any bugs that are infesting the mattress, box springs and pillows are encased and trapped where they can’t get to me and over time will die out.

Next I protect my be using bed risers and diatomaceous earth to create a fortress the bed bugs can’t penetrate.  By creating a no-go zone around my bed it makes the bed bugs go away or die because they can’t feed on me!

Then, and only then do I treat the rest of the room(s).  I check for the bugs throughout my home and make sure to treat all the areas where I find the bugs.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Chemicals

So it is possible to get rid of bed bugs without chemicals using products like diatomaceous earth, mattress enclosures, and other safer products.  It takes more work on your part since no exterminator is going to come into your home to use natural products but it can be done.


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    1. Post author

      Yes they can though they prefer open skin. Remember that the bed bugs are wanting to get to a blood vessel so they can feed. Hair gets in the way of that. They also normally don’t stay on your skin or in your hair after you wake. They want to feed when you are asleep. So taking a shower or bath would dislodge them. I hope this answers your question – if not let me know and I can try again.


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