Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Using Natural Methods

By | August 29, 2014

bedbug imageThere are numerous ways to get rid of bed bugs.  But a lot of people are sensitive or concerned about using harsh chemicals to accomplish this goal.

So the question becomes – how to get rid of bed bugs using natural methods.

I guess that one way that a lot of people rely on is getting rid of everything that they think might infested.  This might work but can be sort of expensive.

The other problem with this method is that the bugs can be hiding in a lot of other places besides your furniture like in the walls or carpet.  They might not even be hiding in your home at all but could be coming from a neighbors.

You can always try using chemical sprays, many of which don’t work.  Or you could call an exterminator and hope that he knows what he is doing.  But these chemicals can be problematic if you or someone in your family is sensitive or allergic to them.

You could use heat as a way to kill the bugs in smaller mass objects like pillows.  But heat can take time and the high heat required to kill the bugs and their eggs could damage your belongings.

Ditto with cold.  You need to keep everything cold enough for a long enough period of time to kill the bugs and their eggs for this to be an effective method.

Using Natural Methods to Kill Bed Bugs

The methods that I prefer though are natural methods that are safe for me, my family, our pets and just as effective.

Check out my pages on using diatomaceous earth and other natural products like various essential oils that are made into sprays to find effective, safe ways for getting rid of these pests.

Get Instant Relief

Using bed risers and mattress enclosures are a quick way to get instant relief from the nightly bites and a good way to begin.

Please read through the various posts and pages on this site to get more ideas and suggestions.  You can also buy my new book How To Kill Bed Bugs to get the exact step by step plan that I have used many times to kill the bed bugs that invaded my home!

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