Fumigation for Bed Bugs

By | March 1, 2011

fumigation for bed bugsIf you are going to use fumigation for bed bugs then you are dealing with some chemicals that can be dangerous, especially for children and those with compromised health.

If you fumigate yourself you should make sure that you carefully read and follow the directions on whatever chemicals you are using.

Never, ever, use a product meant for outdoor use inside your home no matter what anyone tells you.  These outdoor products are not safe to be used inside.

Using An Exterminator

If you are dealing with a bed bug professional then they should give you instructions on how to safely prepare for their work and tell you the chemicals that they use.  If they don’t, or fail to give you a complete plan for how they are going to treat you may be using the wrong company.

Important Steps to Follow For Fumigation for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are extremely hard to kill and they are not a one stop and they drop situation.  If you live in an apartment building, or any building with a number of residents, then these bugs can and will travel between units.

Whether you use a professional exterminator or not there is plenty of stuff that you and the exterminator both have to do to successfully kill an infestation.

If you are going to use fumigation for bed bugs to kill an infestation it should be part of a larger plan to help to exterminate these bugs or it won’t work.  You need to prepare for treatment and most importantly, make sure that you plan to re-treat everything.

You also need to make sure that you are using the right products or you are just wasting your time. Here is my favorite source for Bed Bug Powder and Sprays.  This is where I get the sprays, diatomaceous earth, and everything that I need to protect my bed from these bugs.
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Above all, when you are using fumigation for bed bugs as a tool to get rid of them make sure that you read and follow all precautions!