Denver Full of BedBugs?

By | January 13, 2011

Recent news reports say that Denver is number six in number of reported bed bug calls in the Nation.  This is according to extermination giant Terminex.  Their branch manager, Peter Andres, says that the number of calls for infestations of bedb bugs soared about three years ago from 55 to 10 calls a month to hundreds of calls a month.

He reportedly said, “”The nicer hotels get them just as easy as the lower end hotels. (Bedbugs) don’t discriminate.”  While it may comfort yo know that bedbugs are an equal opportunity infestation, it certainly doesn’t help you feel better when they are eating you.

This article was reported in local TV station KDVR.  Terminix, on their web-site, offers an unprecidented guarantee that they can totally kill any infeststion.  I do however find the wording interesting.  They say that, “If in the end you’re still not satisfied with your Terminix® bed bug control in Denver, Colorado we will keep working until you are satisfied or we will credit or refund the cost of your last service.

Note that it is their last service not the total spent that will be refunded.  Not that I blame them of course.  You can easily treat an entire building only to have it reinfested by the next person who moves in.