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Do Bed Bugs Have Wings

Once you’ve experienced Bed Bugs I can personally guarantee that you are never going to want to have an infestation of these nasty bugs again. Just the thought of them crawling up and feeding on my body while I’m trying to sleep makes my skin crawl all over again. And I don’t even want to think about… Read More »

Does Diatomaceous Earth Really Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Diatomaceous Earth Really Kill Bed Bugs? Since you’re checking out my blog you’ve probably seen that I am a big believer in using diatomaceous earth.  But you might be wondering if it really works. Fair question.  Here is a youtube video that I recently came across that tests that question. How Diatomaceous Earth Works… Read More »

Do Mattress Encasements Work Against Bed Bugs?

Do Mattress Encasements Work Against Bed Bugs If you have been unlucky enough to get infested by bed bugs and looked around trying to find a solution that didn’t involve toxic chemicals you have probably run across mattress encasements. While these mattress enclosures aren’t real expensive they also aren’t cheap so you’re on a budget you… Read More »

How to Kill Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

A question that I get asked a lot is how to kill bed bugs in your mattress.  A mattress is a favorite hiding places for these bugs and that makes this question important. Bed Bugs like to be close to their dinner – you – and they want a place where they can hide during daylight.  They also want… Read More »

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth

In my opinion, there is no better nor safer product that you can use in your fight against bed bugs than to learn how to use diatomaceous earth.  It is deadly for the bugs but safe for you, your family, and your pets. Diatomaceous earth is a finely ground powder that you can puff into the small gaps… Read More »

Can Bed Bugs Return After Treatment?

Can bed bugs return after treatment,  after you have successfully treated and killed them after an infestation. In a word – yes.  Here are the reasons. First – Even though you think that you killed all the bugs, and you may have, harder to kill are the eggs that they have laid. A single female can lay… Read More »