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Do Bed Bugs Have Wings

Once you’ve experienced Bed Bugs I can personally guarantee that you are never going to want to have an infestation of these nasty bugs again. Just the thought of them crawling up and feeding on my body while I’m trying to sleep makes my skin crawl all over again. And I don’t even want to think about… Read More »

Most Effective Bed Bug Treatments

The most effective bed bug treatments consist of the same basic steps that are the same whether you are treating yourself or plan on using an exterminator. These steps include identifying, isolating, treating, and retreating. Each step is important and can’t be skipped unless you are willing to risk the bugs coming back. If you don’t follow… Read More »

How to Kill Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

A question that I get asked a lot is how to kill bed bugs in your mattress.  A mattress is a favorite hiding places for these bugs and that makes this question important. Bed Bugs like to be close to their dinner – you – and they want a place where they can hide during daylight.  They also want… Read More »