Can Taxis Be Infested By Bed Bugs?

By | May 3, 2013

TaxisCan taxis be infested by bed bugs?

The National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky just released their latest report on Bed Bugs and report that they are showing up in all sorts of places that you might not expect to find them.

Even if you take precautions when you stay in your hotel when you travel there are still ways of bringing them home with you from a variety of surprising places.

Whether you are at home or traveling, you can pick up the nasty critters in a taxi, going to the movies, or even pick them up at the conference room where you are having meetings.

Your kids can bring them home from college dorms or at their summer camp.  Assisted living facilities like nursing homes are and hospital waiting rooms are reporting more sightings.  There have even been reports of the bugs on airplanes.

Here is a breakdown of what pest management companies are reporting:

  • 75 percent have been called to hotels to treat bed bugs
  • 47 percent have found bed bugs in college dorms
  • 46 percent have been called to nursing homes
  • 41 percent have treated schools and day care centers
  • 36 percent have been called to office buildings
  • 33 percent have found bed bugs in hospitals
  • 21 percent have treated taxis, trains, or buses
  • 10 percent have been called to movie theaters

Nearly 100 percent of pest management companies reported treating bed bugs which indicates that these pests are found across the country.  Nearly 72% say the calls that they receive asking for BedBug treatment are increasing.

Recently the  Centers for Disease Control reports that the bugs can travel up to 100 feet in a night from their original hiding place.

Probably the most unpleasant fact brought up in this report is that the largest jumps in numbers of treatment requests were in hospitals, schools and day care centers, taxis, and public transportation.