Can Bed Bugs Return After Treatment?

By | January 29, 2014

bedbug1Can bed bugs return after treatment,  after you have successfully treated and killed them after an infestation. In a word – yes.  Here are the reasons.

First – Even though you think that you killed all the bugs, and you may have, harder to kill are the eggs that they have laid. A single female can lay hundreds of eggs over her lifetime.  So unless you have killed all the bugs AND all their eggs they are going to return.

Second – You could be re-infested.  If a neighbor has bed bugs and hasn’t successfully treated them the bugs can re-infest your home from there.

Here is an example.  We used to live in a 12 story building that had bed bugs.  Now the management worked very hard to kill the bugs.  They treated 2 floors a month in addition to any unit that reported the bugs.

We would work real hard and had successfully eradicated the bugs from our unit.  But every time the exterminators would spray on our floor, the floor above or the one below, we would see bed bugs again and would have to treat for them.

Third – In the same building as above there were people who refused to let the exterminators in their unit, even if they had an infestation.  This was for a number of different reasons.

Maybe they were allergic to the chemicals.  Or they were afraid of the chemicals or the thought of someone coming into their home.  Or maybe they were among the people that don’t feel the bug bites as much and just didn’t want to deal with preparing for the exterminator and the smells afterword.

Whatever the reason, the bugs were never totally exterminated and would just travel up and down the building when the exterminators were there and then re-infest units when they were gone.

Fourth – The bugs are easy to get.  If your child comes home from college or spring break and brings the bugs home along with them.

If you or a neighbor bring in a piece of furniture that has even one female bug in it – you can get infested again.

If you travel and stay in a place that is infested you can return with some of the bugs in your luggage and re-infest your home.

Conclusion – So yes, Bed Bugs can return after a treatment.  And what you have to do is start to treat for them again – as soon as possible.  The sooner you treat for bed bugs the easier it is to get rid of them again!  Find out everything that you need to know to get rid of them in my new book.

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