BedBugs and Neighbors

By | February 10, 2013

bedbug imageOne of the biggest blocks to effective bed bug treatment is your neighbors.  Those few people that won’t co-operate with exterminators and prepare their homes for treatment, or in some cases won’t even let them in their home.

These neighbors will do it for any of several different reasons.  They might have medical issues, small children, or older senior citizens that make them not want the chemicals that the exterminators spray inside their homes.  Or they may just not want the chemicals used in their home.  They might have mental problems where they don’t want anyone in their house.

But a major reason is that people are so busy that they just don’t want to take the time or ability to prep their home.  How well a house is prepared for the exterminator will determine in part how successful the extermination of the bed bugs is.

For you, this means that even if every bed bug and egg is killed in your home, you may get re-infested because a neighbor refuses or is unable to co-operate and remains a have for the bugs.

In fact, for the first time, I saw a lease for an apartment that would fine a resident for future infestations if they didn’t allow an exterminator in their home or weren’t prepared.  There was also a recent case where a home owners association was suing one of its condo owners because they wouldn’t allow exterminators in their home, in part because they were a hoarder,  and the units around them kept getting re-infested with bed bugs.

THis is why it is so important that you take action as soon as you see a bug in your home and always be pro-active with your efforts whether you see the bedbugs or not.  BedBugs and Neighbors can make your life miserable with re-infections but you can take steps to make sure that you are as bedbug unfreindly as possible to keep them out of your home.


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