Bed Bugs In Hospitals

By | April 26, 2013

hospitalAs if going to the hospital isn’t scary enough now you have to worry about bed bugs too!  Even though they are usually considered to be clean and sterile more and more pest management companies are reporting that there is an increase in the number of service calls that they are receiving for bed bugs in hospitals.

According to a recent article in Yahoo Finance the number of hospitals that are calling for services has increased.  This also includes an increase in services to hospitals, nursing homes, and even ambulances.

Even though bedbugs have not been found to transmit infections between the peole that they feed on they can leave itchy bites on their victims.  The problems arise when patients scratch itchy bites the patients can open themselves up to bacterias that can be found in hospitals.

Especially bothersome is the highly potent, contagious, and dangerous stph infection MRSA.  So bed bugs in hospitals can be harmful or even dangerous to patients.  And this just isn’t about the patients, how many people regularly visit loved ones in hospitals?

It’s pretty scary to think that even a visit to an emergency room could end up with bed bugs coming home with you.

But this article also shows the number of places where bed bugs are showing up.  If you can find bed bugs in hospitals, where else might they turn up in public places.

Just as disturbing though is the thought that our elderly could be dealing with these nasty bugs in nursing homes, a place where they are to receive better care than we can provide at home.

“Dr. Jorge Parada, medical director of the infection prevention and control program of Loyola University Health System in Chicago. “You don’t need one more ingredient to increase your risk of infections in the hospital,” he says.”

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