Bed Bugs in Denver

By | April 28, 2016

Bed Bugs In Denver

Controlling Bed BugsDenver has came up as high as number 4 on the annual list that Orkin Exterminating puts out for the number of bed bugs in across the nation.

Even though there is a lot more knowledge and public awareness about this problem than there used to be the number of reported infestations continues to grow.

While the largest number of cases are in condos and apartments where it is easier for the bug to infest a larger number of units at the same time there are reported cases in individual homes, college dorms, restaurants, theatres and even warehouses.

Sources Of Bed Bug Infestations

When you look at one of these bugs it can make you wonder how they have become such a huge problem.  They are a small bug that doesn’t fly and relies on being carried or moved around to infest new areas.

They can only crawl about 20 feet, usually only at night when their blood hosts are sleeping so they can safely crawl around.

But these bugs have become experts at hitch hiking around the world in things like suitcases or boxes.  Some warehouses have reported infestations that then are shipped in boxes around the country or around the world.

College Dorms

Any place where there are a lot of people that are close together becomes a gathering place for bed bugs.  Many colleges have reported infestations in dorm rooms.  When the students leave at the end of term or during breaks the bugs infest the bags or boxes that are brought home.

When You Travel

Controlling Bed BugsIt’s also easy to get bed bugs in your suitcases when you travel and stay in a motel or hotel that is infested.  This is why you should carefully examine your room when you check into a hotel to see if there are signs of an infestation.

If you find any of these signs like the actual bed bugs, blood spots, discarded shells or fecal droppings you should request another room or even leave for another hotel.

Before you travel you should search on-line to see if the places that you plan on staying have any reported cases of infestations.  How To Look For BedBugs When You Travel

Other Sources

But these bugs have even been reported in taxi’s, at restaurants, and at theatres so in some cases they may be unavoidable.  The key to avoiding these bugs is to keep a sharp eye out and treat immediately should you see any signs of them in your home.

Problem Areas With Bed Bugs In Denver

There are a number of problems that have caused this problem to keep growing and happen to more often to more people than ever before.

Many times when you search for a new apartment you can look on-line to see whether the places that you are considering on moving into have a reputation as being infested with these bugs.

You might think that an empty apartment or condo would be a safe place but these bugs can live for months between feedings so a place that has been empty for a while is no guarantee that it is bug free.

Special Training

One big part of the problem is that there still aren’t enough bed bug exterminators that know how to kill the bugs. Most exterminators, when faced with these bugs, will try to treat them the same way that they treat other bugs and that just doesn’t work.

Bed bugs need to be treated using special methods and chemicals.  If you try to treat for bed bugs using the same methods that are used for other bugs at best it’s going to be useless.

Killing The Eggs

how to get rid of bed bugsA second problem is that many of the chemicals that exterminators can use are pretty ineffective at killing the eggs that are laid by these bugs. To kill them you need to use the right products and it is crucial that you always re-treat the infested areas.

The reason is that they lay eggs that are are almost impossible to kill.  The only way to kill these eggs effectively is to wait until they hatch and kill the new bug.   So if you don’t re-treat after they have laid you are just going to get a new infestation.

Expense of Treating Bed Bugs

A third problem is that proper treatment can be pretty expensive if you hire an exterminator. Many exterminators aren’t trained in the proper ways to treat for bed bugs and this means that hiring them can be a waste of money.

If you have an infestation and decide to hire an exterminator they should be able to give you a plan that includes follow up treatments as needed to kill these bugs.  Anyone that guarantees a one stop treatment should probably be avoided.

This also means that places like apartments can have owners that may want to keep the treatment cost down by controlling the bugs rather than killing them.  The problem that these owners face is that even if they spend the money to kill all the bugs an apartment can become infested again as soon as a new resident moves in or brings in items that are infested.

There are treatments that include heat and/or cold that can kill the bugs and their eggs but this can be expensive and damage your belongings.

Reluctant Residents

do bed bug bites itchThe third and what may really big part of the problem with dealing with these bugs is that there are a number of people who are reluctant to have chemicals sprayed in their homes, or even anyone with any type of treatment option entering their home.

This can be a really big problem when these homes are some type of attached home like condos or apartments.

These homes then become a haven for the bugs and even if you go ahead and treat your home, it could become infested again as soon as you stop treating your home.

Sometimes these people have the very real concern that they or their pets might get sick from the chemicals that are being used or sometimes there are mental reasons.

There are also a large number of people that just don’t want anyone in their homes.  They even might be hoarders that are embarrassed or scared to have people in their homes. Here are some natural things that you can do if you are one of these people

As a former property manager I have seen a lot of all of these problems.  Whether the concern is health or safety any time there is a building with shared walls it can complicate exterminating bed bugs and make it difficult or impossible to kill them when you have someone like this in the property.

Conclusion To Bed Bugs In Denver

If you are going to treat for these bugs yourself here is the company that I use to get everything I need for Bed Bug Treatment

One last issue to cover is that people react differently to bites from these pests.  Some people have little or no reaction while others get a itchy swelling mark that drives them nuts.  Even two people sleeping in the same bed can have different reactions and in fact – a different amount of bites depending upon the number of bugs and the size of the infestation.

This is why bed bugs in Denver can be such a problem.  Some people don’t have a reaction to the bites and don’t see it as such a big issue.  But those of us that do get the itchy swelling from a bite can be driven mad by these bites, stealing sleep from us and becoming a major issue.

When you treat there are natural methods that you can use if you are concerned about using the chemicals. Natural Methods Of BedBug Treatment

There is also a pretty easy method that you can use that will make your bed a safe haven from these bugs and allow you to get needed sleep and give you time to treat the rest of your home.  Make Your Bed Safe

Treat Soon

But no matter what way that you choose to treat the sooner that you treat the more effective the treatment is going to be and the easier it is going to be to get rid of these bugs.

You also don’t have to throw away any furniture or mattresses if you treat early.  There are bed bug proof enclosures that you can use to trap the bugs in your mattress, safe away from you and your family, where they can’t feed on you and eventually die.

You can sometimes find these enclosures in local stores but an easier method that guarantees you get the right size is to buy them on-line at the source below.  By using an enclosure and setting your bed up as a safe haven you can get needed sleep safe from the nightly feedings and allow you time to treat the rest of your home.

There are also products like diatomaceous earth that you can buy at this source that is safe for use around your family and pets.  Diatomaceous earth is a microscopically ground shell that has sharp edges that eip open the abdomen of any bugs that crawl through it which kills the bugs.

In case you hear of someone in your building that has an infestation this diatomaceous earth can be a perfect preventative measure to dust around your entry door, around the feet of your bed, and in other places where the bugs might enter your home.

As long as it is undisturbed in continues to work.  Many of the contact killers that exterminators use will fade over time but diatomaceous earth is a long lasting safe solution.

If you are concerned about getting an infestation you can also set up traps that will let you know when the bugs are present so that you can step up your efforts.  Putting bed bug risers under the feet of your bed can trap bugs that are trying to crawl up the bed legs to feed on you.

You can also get double sided tape and put this around the legs of your beds.  If a bug tries to crawl up your bed it will get caught on the adhesive and give you an early warning of these bugs.

Treating Bed Bug Bites

There are also a number of different ways that you can treat the bites from these bugs that will give you relief.  It doesn’t make the bugs go away but it can allow you some relief while you are fighting them.  You can get an anti-itch cream in the store or use some of these home remedies.  Treating BedBug Bites

Importance Of An Early Start

Again – I can’t stress too much the importance of starting treatment as soon as you suspect that you are having an infestation.

The smaller the infestation the easier it is to treat for it and get rid of the bugs.  If you wait too long the infestation will only grow and make whatever type of treatment that you decide to use harder.

Over time bed bugs, left untreated – will infest not only your bed but hide in pictures on your walls, furniture that is nearby, and even go into other rooms where you sit or sleep such as chairs and sofas in your living room.

The sooner you start the easier it is going to be to treat these bugs.

Treat Yourself or Use An Exterminator

With the right tools and materials you can treat an infestation yourself or if you have access to an experienced exterminator you can treat in conjunction with them since they are going to have access to chemicals that you won’t be able to get.

But just remember – and I’m going to say it again – the sooner that you start treatments to get rid of these bugs the more effective and easier it is going to be at killing them.

Remember that Bed Bugs aren’t attracted to a dirty home and it shouldn’t be embarrassing to get an infestation.  Just get started as soon as you can and don’t put off treating for them because they aren’t going to leave you alone until you kill them!


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