Bed Bugs and Neighbors

By | February 7, 2013

Bed Bugs and Neighbors

If you are lucky enough to have avoided having bedbugs yet then you should count your blessings.  That’s because these bugs are incredibly creative at getting into your home. Even if you are being careful about what gets brought into your house and keeping an eye out for the bugs you may still get an infestation.

But if you do get them the most likely source will be from your neighbors who aren’t being as careful.  The smaller the building that you live in the better the chances are that you won’t get an infestation.  But the larger the building and especially if it is one where people are regularly moving in and out of, the more likely it is that you are eventually going to see bedbugs.

We live in a newer building that is only 5 years old and up to this point had never seen any of the pests.  But recently we started seeing a few and an exterminator showed up.  Someone had brought the bugs into our new building and they were spreading.

Mattress Encasements for Protections from Bed Bugs and Neighbors

We have always used a Mattress Encasements that encloses the mattress and keeps the bed bugs out of the mattress.  This is because once a bed bug gets into your mattress it is almost impossible to get them out. By using a mattress enclosure we can keep the bed bugs out of our mattress.

If you already have some of the bugs in your mattress you can trap them inside by enclosing the mattress which seals the bugs inside where they can’t get to you and eventually die.  You can also get encasements for pillows and most sized mattresses.

We also use Traps and Monitors at that make it more difficult for the bed bugs to climb up on the bed.

Diatomaceous Earth

We also always use diatomaceous earth to make sure that any that find their way into our home are killed.  Here is a link to our page that details how to use diatomaceous earth.

Conclusion About Bed Bugs and Neighbors

But it still only took just five years for someone to bring these bugs into this new building.  One problem with getting bed bugs from neighbors is that it complicates their treatment.

It depends upon whether the building is a rental or condos with individual owners.  In a rental situation the owner might take responsibility for needed treatments.  With condos that are individually owned the owners would be responsible for treatments,

Hopefully any building that you live in will be willing to treat to get rid of the bed bugs other wise you are going to be on your own.

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