Bed Bug Infestation Killers

By | February 17, 2013

Bed Bug Infestation Killers

Many times I get asked about what it takes to be a good bed bug infestation killers.   The answer is, it sort of depends upon the situation.

It depends upon whether there is a large or small infestation, whether the people living in the unit have allergies or medical conditions that would make treating with chemicals difficult, whether there is children and animals that live and the unit, to name just a few considerations.

If the living area is one where the unit is right next to others like a condo or if the unit is a freestanding house also makes a difference.  In the case where you own the home you might handle the infestation different than if you rented.

There is also no “magic bullet” that will instantly kill the bugs.  The bugs lay eggs that take up to 10 days to hatch.  These eggs are nearly impervious to most insecticides so even if an apartment is treated it must be retreated to kill the new bugs that hatch later.

Best Bed Bug Infestation Killers

Bottom line is that to kill bedbugs, you have to have a plan and that plan takes into consideration all sorts of different factors.  Bedbugs are hard to kill because they are so resilient.


The hardest part of treating for bed bugs is making sure that all the eggs are killed as well.  If the eggs aren’t killed you will have a new infestation as soon as they eggs hatch.  This is why re-treatment is so important.

Even some insecticides won’t kill them because the bugs just find an area to hide deep in a mattress or in the plumbing/wiring where the sprays won’t reach.  Here is a quick tip on using a bed bug mattress enclosure to get instant relief from any infestation.

To kill bed bugs you need to have a plan that involves preparing, treating, then retreating.  Without it you are just going to continue to have bed bugs.