Bed Bug Denver – What is the Solution?

By | December 7, 2010

First, you have to know your enemy. I hope that the information contained in Bed Bug Denver will give you ideas about what you can do to keep bed bugs from eating you alive.

Just remember, the key is that it is not a once and done situation.  If there are bedbugs in other apartments or condos in your building, no matter what you do there is a good chance that they will probably find their way back into your home even after you have killed them all. 

Of course, this depends upon the source of the infestation to begin with but all too often an infestation will start with a neighbor.  Maybe they brought in a used piece of furniture that had an infestation inside or maybe they have an infestation that they aren’t treating. 

There are a lot of people who get an infestation and refuse to have it treated because they don’t want anyone in their home or because they are allergic to the chemicals that are used in treatments.

At the first sign of a bedbug in your home repeat the steps.  Make sure that you treat and repeat till you stop seeing them.  If you can, try to find out where they are coming from so you can block that entry. 

Just this last summer we had finally eliminated all the bugs in our home.  A couple of weeks later we noticed a couple of them again.  A little investigating led us to the fact that they were getting back into our home from an attached balcony and coming from next door. Some quick treating and they were gone again.

But by taking the proper precautions and steps to control the bed bugs before they become a full fledged infestation, you can make your home a bedbug free zone.  The longer you wait the worse the problem is going to become.   Bed Bug Denver will give you ideas on where to start,  I also have a website with all sorts of free information