Areas in Denver CO Known to Have BedBugs

By | February 6, 2013

This is an interesting question.  What areas in Denver CO known to have bedbugs?  The answer is simple.  Bed bugs can show up anywhere.  It’s not a question of demographics or income but rather one of opportunity.

That being said there are some types of housing that is more likely to be infested than others.  Any housing that has close proximity between the occupants is sure to be at risk.  Even those thes pests can hitchhike long distances in suitcases, on furniture, or even on clothing, the easiest way that they infest a new area is by crawling from one that is already infested.

Bed bugs can get into your home from infested units by crawling along wires or pipes or just through small cracks and openings that are between units.  This means that homes like apartments and condos where people live closely together are at the highest risk of getting bed bugs.

Here is my advice on this.  Always carefully check any unit that you are considering moving into for signs of bedbugs.  Look for the actual bug, dropping, blood drops, or shed skins.  If possible, ask neighbors if they have or have heard about an infestation.  You can ask management but they aren’t very likely to tell you they have an infestation even if they do.

Then when you move into a new unit, fog before you move in and use products like mattress enclosures and dicotomous earth to make sure you new homw is resistant to any infestations.

If, after you move in you find a bug, always make sure that you treat ASAP.  Making sure to be vigilent and keeping your eyes open will help to insure that bed bugs won’t be biting you when you sleep!