Are BedBugs a Health Issue

By | February 3, 2011

One thing that you hear a lot about on the subject of these bedbug infestations is whether they are a health risk or not.

Many cities and their health departments still consider the bugs as a nuisance rather than a health risk.  This is based on the opinion of many scientists that have found that because of the way bed bugs feed it doesn’t transfer any diseases from one person to another.

The bug is a creature of habit and generally feeds on just one person even if there are two in the same bed.  Even if that person is not available when the bug comes to feed and it draws blood from the second person, no blood from previous feeding is released into the new victim.

However, this becomes a bit more problematic when the infestation is in a hotel, motel, or looking for a new victim to avoid an area that has been treated.  The one thing that I can never get an answer to is regarding to an instance where a bug is crushed and blood is out in the open.  If a second person touches this blood with an area that has a cut could they be infected with anything in the first victims blood?

I admit that the chances of this are pretty small but I have never received an answer to this question.  The best thing to do obviously is to treat for the bugs and get them out of your home.